Monday, October 28, 2013

Govinda's Restaurant (William Street, Northbridge - Perth,WA)

Been an action packed one week so far in Perth. Today, the last day before I return to the arms of my half-half who would have functioned abnormally while I was away. The day started with breakfast in Miss Maud Restaurant, thereafter to Perth Zoo, 10 minutes at The Bell Tower and round the city in the traffic while deciding where lunch should be with the three friends. We had to decide quickly because my flight is in another 4 hours time and I was worried more than anything else, again, traffic. So, when Govinda's was mentioned, I didn't mind a vegetarian meal in this Hare Krishna restaurant that serves a good cause.

The ambiance  - no frill, simple, clean, the beliefs and practices of Hare Krishna on the wall, Hare Krishna music and aroma of food in the air.  A simple concept indeed to opt between the choices from the line of dishes or "All You can Eat" buffet.

Buffet of course would have been nice, then again, time running out and for a small eater, such a waste. Thus, I stood near the shelves, pointed to a few of the dishes for rice and carried the silver tray back to the table.

Taste-wise - lovely, lots of flavours and yummy-yummo. At the first mouth, you feel the deliciousness. Hard to describe but I knew cooked with love and precisely without stinging on the essential ingredients. 

The halwa custard for the sweet note was not overly sweet, just with the requisite sweetness and of course, well executed. The soft halwa in the creamy ghee sauce truly came together until every bit I polished off.  
Interesting food venture I must say and thanks to the friends for this unforgettable meal. In fact the best highlight in Perth compared to other food ventures. Lunch was over, I returned to Ms Maud hotel, hopped into the cab and to the airport. Wished I could have extended my stay for another 2 or 3 days but the reality, gonna get back to work and must return home. Perth as painted by some friends is not a boring place because I sure had a great time. 

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  1. Wah...banjir...sure taste great. Hubs love to banjir the rice with curry too. But I can't take too spicy

  2. I love their food.Used to have it when we visit Iskon in bangalore.May be you might have visited it otherwise its a must see place in bangalore.

  3. When the pictures loaded I had a feeling that the food would be fabulous. And reading your post confirmed that fact. Wow...what an experience!

  4. oh ...loved this.....i wish i could visit this one.... superb.

  5. Interesting place with good looking food. I big on spice and fried food, so I hope this was right up my alley.:)

  6. Halvah is very tempting.. Now I am feeling hungry after seeing your pictures..

  7. what a festive indian restaurant....
    since it all you can eat, actually i prefer to take it by myself...
    i guess it's still reasonabe for a cheap price tag...LoL

  8. love the way you have described it both in words and pictures. Sounds like simplicity cooked and served best.

  9. I am glad that you reviewed Govinda's restaurant Navs infact I am a ISKCON devotee was very involved in this before marriage <3
    Jaya Srila Prabhupada <3

  10. I'm drooling non stop looking at this mouthwatering wonton....looks super yumm


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