Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel

To keep the skin healthy or even to maintain it, neglecting the daily beauty regime is a big no. For me, I have always been struggling with how to get rid or how to at least lighten the dark circles under my eyes. Indeed, various products I have tried and tested and between them, not many actually worked. Perhaps those products did refresh and kept my wrinkles at bay but the dark circles, oh-boy, I am still working on. Despite the fact that hereditary can be said as the cause, in my case, stress and lack of sleep are the other obvious reasons for the dark circles. So, here I am with this eye gel (Vitamin C Reviver Duo) and now let tell you more -

This unperfumed eye gel is touted to -
Soothe, cool, hydrate and refresh
Minimize wrinkles and puffiness.
Reduce under eye dark circles.
Easily absorbed and is light in texture.

As always and as usual, I have been diligently applying this gel twice a day for last two weeks. Sad to say, except for soothing and cooling my eyes, this gel didn't lighten my dark circles. No doubt, it can be easily applied without stretching the skin under the eyes and it didn't cause any discomfort or milia breakouts. pretty much there are no other benefits of this gel. Maybe I will still continue using it whenever I need to refresh my  tired eyes but to repurchase again, I don't think so.   
So, ladies, use this gel for the obvious reasons as I have said but hoping it will make a difference to your dark circles, no, I can vouch it won't.

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  1. I like bodyshop products. They are environmentally friendly and good

  2. Sad that this doesn't lessen dark circles or puffiness Nava.. Was thinking of getting one under eye cream for dark circles.. Can you suggest something ?.. Hugsxx

  3. Ohh, it dint work for you.. :(
    I liked the duscription you gave and im going ti give it a try..

  4. Love Body Shop products, but I've only tried their home fragrance & aromatherapy & bath range. Not easy to find one for dark circles tho........

  5. Nice review.Will try it soon...............

  6. I like Body Shop products too. Interesting to read about your experience with this eye gel.

  7. I love bodyshop .The fragrance you get when u enter is absolute heaven.Hmm got to try this eye gel.

  8. None of the under eye creams have worked for me so far :(yet to find the right one

  9. Even I have dark circles and trying for a solution.. It is sad bodywork gel didn't worked.. I have tried their aromotheraphy liquids.. but never tried this..Thanks for the review..

  10. Like you, I too have tried a few brands for my under eyes but I have found none to be of any help. Rather placing shredded cucumbers and at times shredded potatoes has been much more helpful!

  11. Nice honest review. I am going to skip this one.

  12. Body shop is my favourite, fantastic review :)

    Choc Chip Uru


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