Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Big Hug Burger - Subang Square SS15 (Subang Jaya)

At Big Hug Burger, you can freely hug the big or small teddies and the lady owner, please don't hug but she sure is very welcoming to selfing with anyone who walks in. In fact, when I walked into the frilly, furry, ribbony, lacy and all thing nice colorful ambiance with my five bodyguards (actually my ex-students), she at once smiled. And at the self-service counter, she freely spoke about her advertising hay years. But that doesn't mean she will offer free burgers though she does help to clear your mind on what to order (Hungry Hog & Big Chomp).

Food and drinks clearly listed on the wall menu and there's also the laminated menu on top of the counter. Burger sets are recommended and these can be with a whole heap of fries, other items and free refill drinks, depending on which you opt for. So, we ordered, sat and self-service again once the sets were ready.   

For the lamb burger, black bun tucked with lamb patty, salad leaves, cheese, chilli sauce and dripping with herbs flavoured mayonnaise, paired with a sausage and mayonnaise and yellow mustard zig-zag. Superbly tasty and the grilled patty soft and crumbly, I enjoyed every bit of the lamb burger. The sausage, wasn't as interesting as the burger.  
"Dancing Cow" (beef burger) generously packed with grilled beef patty, grilled pork bacon, salad leaves and mayonnaise, the two friends wouldn't stop eating while munching the fries. 

"Grilled Beef Burger" - grilled beef patty, oozy cheese and salad leaves, also raved by the other friend and claimed as the must try. 

The "Big Hug (Chicken)" - crispy chicken chop, cheese, tomato, onion rings, pineapple slices and secret sauce, I had to taste. Sensational and delicious, this burger paired with sausage and fries, truly a hearty portion to fill you to the maximum. 

Equally a hearty portion was the "Cheesy Chicken" Burger - towered with grilled chicken chop, three types of cheese, fried egg, ham, tomato and lettuce, also paired with fries.     

So here at Big Hug Burger, portions are big, prices are big and the ambiance is comfortable and spacious.

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  1. Hats off to you. with job and blog how do u manage to update every day. looks yummy and I guess price is right too.

  2. Loved going through the pictures...looks like a fun place!! And the burgers look delicious! Agree with Linsy about you updating everyday and with such details. Amazing, Nava!

  3. Wow, they look so yummy, Now I want to have one.

  4. wow, the place looks amazingly cute!! loved it..thanks for the review...

  5. Really interesting décor and the burgers look massive!

  6. is v nice...n burger looks yummy n big

  7. ambience looks like we are in house.Burgers are really colorful.


  8. Hey, that big bear is sitting on my seat :-)


  9. very filling and yummy burger.... nice review....

  10. Love the teddy bears and wall decor.. The place is more inviting.. Burger is really huge..

  11. What a lovely place...anybody will feel at home! The burger sounds awesome!


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