Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sambal Tempeh Ikan Bilis Masin (Fermented Soybean And Salted Anchovies In Chili Gravy)

Awww!! This dish it is for me. Imagine fried tempeh and fried anchovies/ikan in a spicy tangy sambal/gravy, truly mouthwatering I'm sure you will agree. Sambal generally is made with chillies and tempeh/ fermented soy bean, as always said is healthy whether fried and munched or stir fried with French beans or four angled beans. Of course there's always other ways to tempeh including the serai masak lodeh. But this dish I tell you is the love of the sambal people for the saltiness, spiciness and the scent of basil leaves.  

1 packet tempeh - cut into long pieces
1/2 cup ikan bilis masin/salted anchovies - soak and drain
1 large onion - sliced
1/2 tbsp lime juice
3 sprigs basil leaves (optional or use coriander leaves) 
Oil as needed
Salt for taste (only if needed)

For the sambal/chili gravy
7 dried red chillies
4 garlic
1/2 inch belacan/shrimp paste (optional)
1 tomato
** blend/ground 

Fry tempeh till crispy and brown. 
Remove and keep aside. 
Do the same to bilis/anchovies.
Leave about 3 tbsp of oil in the same pan. 
Sauté onion and add chilli paste.
Fry till aromatic and oil splits.
Add all the rest of the ingredients.
Stir and dish out. 
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  1. Best to go along with rice! The good thing about Singapore is that I can eat all kinds of cuisines! And this dish which you just cooked is one of my favourite!

  2. Must be delicious. Never thought of cooking itvthis way

  3. I also have thai basil in my yard, I just love it, I use tempeh a lot, will try this vegie way.

  4. my dear really remind me of a friend of mine, an Indian girl .... she really liked tempeh very much, beat the Malays themselves.

    and I know of the existence of kerepek tempeh through her! as a Malay - what a shame! LOL
    and you do not be surprised if I said she was cooking hot tempeh curry when we joined the camp fire during our school day and it turned out delicious! teachers love it too!... she was actually from different schools but we have been selected to join the same team.

    Our team has been selected to win the first place of food category due to that hot tempeh curry hahaha

    sadly Yoges have died due to the complications while giving birth to her first child in 1985, her husband is a doctor ...thanks for sharing this Nava, it's how food can remind us to someone ...

  5. Hearing about tempeh first time. Surely looks great

  6. Wow delicious recipe, I am your latest follower :)

  7. Nava, love this. i like to fry them with anchovies, simple and yummy.

  8. Love the flavor of basil and yummy looking food.

  9. This is altogether a new recipe..Nava, thanks for introducing a delicious curry..

  10. Beautiful looking dish..Love to use basil in my cooking...

  11. Lover this winderful and flavorful sambal, thanks for sharing Nava...

  12. Tempeh is my family's favourite too! Never get tired of it.

  13. Surely a dish I'd love to taste! We do have fermented soyabeans in chutney form. This sounds great!

  14. This is so pretty, and it sounds like it tastes even better!

  15. So many times I have thought to try tempeh, don't know what holds me. I have to write it in list next time I go to Choices Market. We only get this in specialty food market. a simple stir fry like this would be great for a light dinner.

  16. What a flavorful dish. I grew up with all these pungent flavors, Fermented Soybean and salted Anchovies and some of my favorites. :)

  17. Interesting recipe. Never tried cooking with tempeh before.

  18. This sounds so interesting, I've never tried anything like that before.

  19. Tempeh is always been my favorite and I always had in my fridge,salted anchovie addition sound great, great combination, as I type my mouth is watering,LOL !

  20. Oh I would love to taste this dish. The flavors are so new to me and I wish I could get my hands on tempeh. Thanks for sharing.

  21. This is something new to me.. I haven't tasted tempeh yet.. Am sure this must be delicious and packed with flavor.. :)

  22. This is new to me but sounds wonderful. them though never tried them outside Italian food. The pictures are making my mouth water!

  23. I always love the Ikan Bilis sambal dishes... Yours is very tempting...

  24. That was a flavorful dish...this dish is new to me...

  25. a very new combo ! looks very yummy ...wish I cud actually taste it :)

  26. This is very new to me Nava, I have never tried tempeh in my cooking. This sounds interesting and ikan bilis is one of my favorite too :)

  27. one of my fave dishes when I see it at the gerai melayu for my nasi campur meals.


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