Monday, September 16, 2013

Pecel Lele Lela (Indonesian Restaurant) - Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

Like what I've said in Pak Hailam Kopitiam, Spicy Crab Portuguese, Padi Prada, Lohas Lifestyle Cafe, George Chuah's Nasi Lemak and Food lovers, we drive around on Sunday evenings to see if there's any new eateries within Kota Kemuning. Not very far, perhaps 10 to 15 mins to the nearby area. We drove pass McDonalds and turned left towards the new row of shop lots which seemed very quiet with just a few eateries. Quickly we had to decide. Either this Indonesian restaurant or another drive to other eateries. Any way, it was already 8pm. Certainly we were hungry. At first my other half was not keen. Eventually he agreed for he didn't want to drive around again.

The menu features interesting typical Indonesian dishes. Those cooked with chillies and Asian herbs. Definitely my kind of food. And the ambiance is as colorful as the dishes with options of seating inside or the tables outside. We always prefer to sit outside for its more comfortable and away from other customers. 

I at once settled for the "Lele Cabe I Jo"set meal and "Kedondong Asam Boi. My other half does not like Indonesian food. For him, life is about curries. That's why he couldn't decide what to order. I suppose the safest was the "Nasi Goreng Special" and "Hot Milo" without sugar.

The kedondong (umra) drink has always been my fav because I just love anything with sour taste. Indeed the drink was nice. Right balance of sourness and sweetness.
Despite reminding the staff not to add sugar in the hot coffee, it was overly sweet. We send back the drink yet it came back again loaded with sugar.Instead of returning the drink, we gave up and ordered warm water.
The lele cabe set consisted of rice, deep fried ikan keli/catfish with spicy green chili sambal, fried taufu, fried tempeh, cucumber slices, salad leaves and accompanied with a vegetable soup.

It was a fabulous set. Loved the spicy sambal ijo and crispy fried first and when eaten with the fried tempeh, fried tauhu and raw veggies, I tell you its so good. The soup was not too bad either. Wasn't all that tasty but enough flavor. Just that slightly cold.
The nasi goreng or fried rice was fried with soy sauce and chillies. Served with fried keropok, fried cat fish, a runny fried egg atop and a bowl of plain vegetable soup. Again, this dish is worth praising and surely tasty.
However even with fiery sambal terasi, nasi goreng begged for more spiciness. This soup was just average but I didn't mind finishing it up on behalf of my other half.

I don't mind returning again this restaurant. Definitely not with my other half for I know the food here isn't what he like to eat.
Note: Restaurant has closed down. Go over to other outlets at
Tadisma business centre
Jalan Renang 13/26, Shah Alam.

or soon to be opened at
R & R Seremban (Southbound)

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  1. wow clicks...loved it <3
    so colourful n yummy though

  2. Nice review as always . I like the sound of umra drink , must be delicious !

  3. oh I feel like visiting that place,seems food is good and price is reasonable too...

  4. nice review Nava, lovely clicks as usual... I love the fried egg...

  5. Everything looks so deliciously tempting, Nava. Wouldn't I love to be in your shoes..!!!

  6. The foods looks good, I love pecel lele, I guess I will have some soon :)

  7. Una exquisitez realmente me gusta mucho todo también me gusta el huevo frito es mi denbilidad,abrazo

  8. Neat review. Love the name of the resto !

  9. I like these reviews of yours Nava :) They are so detailed and I can drool over the clicks :) That dish with the fried catfish looks delish!

  10. Nice review.. The menu card with photos of each dish helps us to try new recipes.. It seems resonable price..

  11. Love our reviews,Umra is calling me,perfect tang n brilliant color :)

  12. As always this is also Awesome review...and Loved clicks...Nice food with nice to visit there..

  13. god...y ur tempitng like yummy foods n nice cliks.

  14. Nice review Nava.. The food looks tempting and good dear :-)

  15. This post is screaming for me to visit an Indonesian restaurant soon. Gosh, it has been months since I've been to one......

  16. Looks Interesting, Nice Clicks. Have a Nice Day. . . :)

  17. That's very affordable. is kinda far from where I stay or work:(


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