Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ikan Masak Serai Kicap (Lemongrass Soy Sauce Fish)

The scent of lemongrass (Lemongrass Cordial) is even more adorable compared to the scent of the woman. Oh no!! Did I open a can of worms?? Maybe I shouldn't compare herbs to woman, perhaps better to compare lemongrass to other types of Asian Malaysian herbs which seemingly is the pleasure to my cooking (Lemongrass Chicken Kebab, Tom Yum Goong, Tomyam Seafood Soup &  Lemongrass Brinjal Prawn Curry). Always and forever, today, its the lemongrass again (Fried Stingray Lemongrass Sauce) for this fish dish. Ikan Masak Serai Kicap (Grilled Mackerel Kembung Assam SauceAssam Fish CurryChili Coriander Steamed Fish & Pepper Mango Curry).

For the fish
8 pieces of ikan kembung/mackerel (de-gut and clean) 
1 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Salt for taste
** Combine and mix together.

For the sauce
1 lemongrass 
1/2 inch ginger 
5 shallots 
2-3 sprigs coriander leaves
** Slice these ingredients thinly
1/2 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp sweet soya sauce
1 tsp fish sauce (optional)
Spring onion curls for garnishing
Oil as needed
Salt (if only needed)

Deep fry fish and keep aside.
Leave about 3 tbsp of oil in the same pan.
Saute all the sliced ingredients (just for 1-2 mins)
Add everything else except fish and spring onion.
Pour about 2-3 tbsp of water if more gravy is likeable. 
Stir and add fish.
Gently stir again to coat fish with the sauce. 
Dish out and garnish with spring onion.
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  1. Love the colours that stand out in this dish! We make a simpler variation with onions and chillies but I'd love to incorporate all these elements the next time I cook fish. And thank you for your words on my blog today!:)

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. you make all delicious delicacy, looks so tempting with all the veges on the top.

  3. very healthy n name it slef tempting.

  4. Hey Sweets,
    I have nominated you for Versatile blogger award .
    Please do check it.


  5. Always love the Malaysian delicacies... Though nvr had this before... I love ur recipe

  6. Those toppings certainly add flavour & colours to the dish! Lovely plating, Nava!

  7. Love this dish and love your plating. A sweet and tangy spicy Asian sauce always goes great with meat or fish.

  8. It looks beautiful...nice clicks!!!!

  9. hmm, I have never tried such a dish before. I am sure its very tasty due to the ingredients - lemongrass, ginger, soy sauce and even lime

  10. Well captured and looks so delicious :)

  11. Looks very yummy wanna eat it right now :D Navs

  12. Love using lemongrass..
    Although not a big fan of fish, this looks so delicious, I am drolling. My family loves seafood and this is such a neat recipe.

  13. Looks very delicious, Love it dear, very healthy...

  14. Hi Nava, you're an excellent cook. This fish look really inviting. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Best regards.

  15. Yum! This fish sounds amazing and I am sure I would not be able to get enough of it!!

  16. Nava, your photos are always so mouth watering! Not only are the flavours give a special touch to your dishes with your choice of colours and garnishes.

  17. Very mouthwatering! This calls for extra rice even though I am trying to cut down my rice intake.

  18. Great plate presentation it sound amazing to try.

  19. Very well presented...looks super delish


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