Monday, August 5, 2013

The Hungry Hog (SS15, Subang Jaya)

The first McDonalds in Malaysia (1982) at the intersection of Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan Ismail I can still remember. My then first ex-boyfriend was involved in the setting up and so, I was among the many at the entrance of McDonalds. From there on, it has been McDonalds burgers but over the years with age catching up, I have cut down on fast food. Still, every once in a while I am in the Subang Jaya outlet long queue.

Burgers of late has gone through layers of transformation and we now have various types including decked to the sky burgers at burger outlets. myBurger Lab - my first experience and here's to "The Hungry Hog", quite a walking distance from the office, yet walking is way better compared to parking-battling at Subang Jaya. We arrived at 11.45am, shutters noisily pushed up at 12.00pm and with the rest of the customers who patiently waited outside, we walked into the stylish and spacious ambiance. 
The menu, not really extensive but sure, porki-pork and burgers are the signatures. "Oink-Oink" is my favourite, thus, I couldn't immediately decide. Eventually, I called for "Vesivus" and elderflower drink whereas the confused friend opted for English Breakfast and the same drink and to be shared later, Bacon Gelato.

Refreshing with a lovely floral note, the elderflower drink we truly loved. However, we couldn't comprehend what's with serving dessert before the mains. So, politely the bacon gelato send back and I started with the "Vesivus".

Double pork patty, spilled over spicy sambal and top with crispy bacon in the burger bun, paired with fries and salad, the soft-crumbly patties were easily tackled and the spicy-burn-me-up sambal absolutely to my taste.

Looking at me enjoying the burger, the friend couldn't resist and pinched in.  She also helped to finish off the fries and salad because the English Breakfast was completely forgotten until we called again. Arriving within five minutes, English Breakfast consisted of two grilled pork sausages, two sunny side eggs, two slices of grilled tomatoes, crispy fried bacon, baked beans, toast and butter to lather up.
The English Breakfast quickly gone with the wind and to end our meal, the bacon gelato was back to the table. Creamy and with just enough of sweetness and saltiness from the "itsy-bitsy" caramelized crispy bacon, the gelato we sensationally enjoyed.

Despite the waiting time for the English Breakfast, we enjoyed this meal and The Hungry Hog, indeed the place for pork and burger lovers.

71, Jalan SS15/41
Subang Jaya
Opening hours: 12.00 - 3.00pm and 6.00 - 10pm
(Close on Mondays)

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  1. Ss15? Dont thinkni saw this shop before. I hv to agree with you. Parking at ss15 is crazy no matter what time of day it is

  2. Wonderful description of the taste and the flavours! That must have been satisfying. Also love the pictures, particularly your laden plates! Strange combo in the gelato but if you liked it, it must be good!

    Have a great week, Nava!

  3. Nava, drooling looking at your burger and the other set of breakfast.

  4. Havent been to SS15 since 2005. Used to live in the Sunway area. Gosh those prices are crazy!!! Was the bun soggy from all the chilli cheese? Kinda reminds me a little of sloppy joes.

  5. Nice pictures..excellent platter of food..

  6. So many days since I had sausage now u are making me hungry!!
    Ha haa..Hungry Hogs!!

  7. Looks ok,i will look for a burger outlet other than McD
    the next time i have the urge for burger.

  8. Probably the gelato came in first because it was very hot ouside?

  9. burger looks spicy but delicious!seems like a nice place to hang over.I am interested in elderflower drink,new to me....

  10. Hi Nava, the burger definitely to die for kind, awesome! Very nice and comfortable place.

    best regards.

  11. Wah, the prices of their burgers are the same as main courses! Better be good! Hahaha!


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