Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thai Style Steamed Fish

Its back again to another fish recipe, but no, not the same as those I have already shared (Fried Fish in Garlic Chilli Gravy, Pepper Mango Fish Curry & Coriander Chilli Tomato Pompret & Thai Style Fish). Obviously then, its back to another Thai style dish which is not only spicy, but all fired up with a red sauce made from Asian herbs and spices. Ingredient list may be over flowing, however, trust me, making is not all that difficult. Goes like this. While fish is steamed with ginger, blend the ingredients for the sauce in the blender. Then fry the sauce till aromatic. Timing should be set in such a way that fish is ready after steaming and the sauce is also ready to be poured over the fish. Next of course is tucking into this sensational Thai Style Steamed Fish everyone (Yellow Chicken Curry, Thai Chicken Green Curry, Tom Yum Seafood Soup, Nasi Goreng Tom Yam & Lemongrass Prawn Curry).

For the fish
1 medium size siakap/barramundi (about 450) - de-gut and cleaned
1 inch ginger - sliced

For the sauce/gravy
4 shallots
5 garlic
1 inch galangal/lengkuas
1/2 tsp kaffir lime rind
1 stalk coriander root
20 white peppercorn
1/2 inch shrimp paste/belacan - roasted (optional)
1 tbsp coriander powder
1 tsp cumin powder
10 dried red chillies (or as needed)
** blend/ground these ingredients for a smooth paste

1 lemongrass - smashed
4-5 kaffir lime leaves - tear into pieces
1 tbsp of fish sauce
3-4 calamansi lime/limau kasturi
4 tbsp oil
Salt for taste (if needed)
Steam fish with ginger till soft and tender.
While fish is steaming, heat the oil.
Fry the sauce with lemongrass till aromatic and oil splits.
Add lime leaves, fish sauce and salt.
Stir all together.
If sauce is too thick, dilute with some water.
Keep it simmering over very low heat.
After steaming the fish, discard the ginger and the drippings.
Pour the sauce over the fish and serve with calamansi lime.
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  1. Going by your pictures I can just imagine how that is going to taste! Fabulous!

  2. Oh, I love this type of food. But its hard to execute!

  3. yummy treat for food lovers here.ur pics speaks:)

  4. Exotic fish Nava, looks awesome and delicious...

  5. Oh.... Pedas... pedas.... haha..... nice dish.

  6. Lovely combination of flavors. I will try this one day!

  7. Hey doll, i made your condensed milk coconut bars.. They turened out so well... My family loved it....
    Thanks a lot ...
    Keep in touch,

  8. lovely clicks..the sauce on the flavored steamed fish looks awesome..

  9. sounds very interesting ,would love to have a taste.

  10. I love the flavor in your Thai Style steam fish! So refreshing and perfect for the hot weather. :)

  11. I am pure vegetarian but loved the pic..nava

  12. Look something like ikan bakar in trenggganu but its steam instead. Steam is healthier

  13. I don't eat fish..but love your clicks

  14. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.comAugust 18, 2013 at 4:01 PM

    Nava, this steamed fish is so appetizing and tempting :)

  15. This is a beautiful shot, Nava! I realized you've been really active these days, especially on Google+. You've been cooking a lot too :)

  16. i love fish but nowadays fish are getting expansive and axpansive >.<

  17. Wow that styling looks really appetizing.Really like the pics Nava.

  18. Okay, so now I have to get hold of Barramundi! What beautiful flavours and I love your pictures1

  19. Great pics and presentation!! It looks as if the fish will jump out of the plate at any moment :)

  20. I booked marked this because this is my next challenge.

  21. Looks amazing, I love the color of the dish. Fish is one of my favorite food:)

  22. Extra rice please! The hubster asked me to bookmark this recipe! Not sure if he wants to cook it or I need to do it. LOL.

  23. Thai style always hot and spicy.

  24. This looks super tempting Nava ! real wonderful clicks !

  25. Sopa deliciosa saludable y exótica me enamoré ,,,fotos impresionante hugs,hugs.


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