Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vietnamese Noodle Soup

Call us the typical Asians, our meals, as I have already repeated many a times, must be rice or noodles. Yes please. Indeed! A rice meal of course calls for a main dish and at least two sides dishes (Curried Potatoes, Fish Sour Soup, Lamb Kofta Curry, Mutton Devil Curry, Prawn Mango Curry & Butter Basil Prawns). Noodle dishes are also the other wholesome-complete meal (Anchovies Fried Mee Hoon, Fried Kuey Teow, Prawn Mee Hoon Soup & Cantonese Seafood Yee Mee). You name it, I think I have so far made it, from the spicy to non-spicy and from the veg to non-veg, which obviously must be eaten with lots of chillies (Minced Chicken Mee Hoon Soup & Instant Assam Laksa). 

Vietnamese noodle soup/pho pretty much is the same, I mean tucked in alongside the spicy kick (Asam Laksa Lemak, Chinese Burdock Soup & Chilli Mutton Potato), also,  generally made with beef or chicken, but for my other half, both has and will always be a taboo (Indian Chicken Stew), So, I localized this Vietnamese Noodle Soup. Its the lamb version (Lamb Curry Noodles & Lamb Spinach Spaghetti). Rice noodles, crispy crunchy fried lamb, topped with red chilies, bean sprouts and herbs (Tom Yum Goong, Thai Fish Style & Basil Tomato Soup), ladled generously with spices scented soup and paired with red chillies in soy sauce. 
For the lamb
300g minced lamb
½ tbsp ginger paste
1 tsp garlic paste
A pinch of salt

Other ingredients
litre vegetable stock
Spices – 1 stick cinnamon, 1 star anise and 3 cloves
3-4 sprigs Thai basil leaves – only the leaves 
2-3 sprigs of spring onions – sliced
2-3 sprigs of coriander leaves – sliced
½ cup bean sprouts – cleaned and blanched
Rice noodles (as needed) – blanched to soften
Black pepper and salt for taste
Drops of sesame oil
3 tbsp oil

For the dipping Sauce
3-4 red chillies
3 garlic – chopped
2 tbsp sweet soya sauce
1 lime – extract juice
** Combine all together

Mix lamb with the ingredients as listed above. 
Heat oil and fry lamb till crispy and crunchy while breaking to avoid from sticking together
Remove and keep aside.
In the same oil, sauté spices.
Pour in stock, season with salt and pepper and let it simmer.
Meanwhile, assemble noodles with crispy lamb, bean sprouts and herbs. 
When soup is heated through, ladle over the assembled noodles. 
Drizzle sesame oil and serve with chilli garlic dipping sauce.
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  1. Nice guest post...read it...ur soup sounds super delicious...

  2. Hi Nava, excellent guest post. Your Vietnamese noodle soup look very inviting and delicious. Nice presentation. Will hop over to Gheza to check out your recipe.

    Best regards.

  3. very flavorful soup Nava and good guest post. you rocks.

  4. Heard of this soup but nvr tasted before... Yours looks very tempting n beautiful presentation... Love the first click so much

  5. I like the dipping sauce with the lime juice, i bowl of noodle with the sauce can make us satisfied.

  6. Soup looks very nice and colorful.

  7. Nava the soup looks so drool worthy ...will hop over for recipe.

  8. Absolutely tempting! Your photos are beautiful!!

  9. never heard about this soup nava.. thanks for sharing..

  10. Excellent guest post.. Soup looks delicious.. Really love the way the props are used..

  11. Thanks Nava for being a part of the ramadan celebration. Loved your recipe & was great to know more about you.

  12. Nava great soup, You are indeed a great friend. Friends in virtual world a awesome bonding

  13. Soup looks very tempting and coloful, nice post dear will hop over for the recipe....

  14. so much herbs on top to brink that wonderful aroma and essence...love this noodle soup

  15. Soup looks delicious Nava. Over to humi's for the recipe!

  16. I love your simple recipes because I myself like to cook and share simple recipes. This is wonderful soup.

  17. Great and tasty soup Nava...looks delicious!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :D

  18. did see the guest post and it was an awesome soup... as usual, ur pics are stunning... :)

  19. lovely guest post..looks so healthy and colorful...

  20. Loved the delicious looking soup & the lovely guest post :)

  21. Am looking forward to more guest post! This is lovely and making me look forward to my HCMC trip.

  22. Oh we have seen noodle soups here in the chinese counters with loads of soya sauce and chilli sauce, LOL. This looks absolutely delicious :)


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