Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chinese Chicken Soup With Watercress

Nothing, literally nothing, or no other soup can capture the first spot except for Rasam (Egg Rasam), perhaps I won't mind including Sodhi/Coconut Stew as well. The rest of the soups are pretty much the okay scenarios (Vegetable Soup, Mushroom Soup & Minced Chicken Mee Hoon Soup). Then again, this Indian lady does have a tendency for loving the various types of Chinese food (Chinese Turnip StewChinese Fried RiceCantonese Seafood Yee Mee) and when it comes to a meal on my own, I would love a piping hot bowl of Chinese nutritious soups (Chinese Wanton Soup, Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup & Chinese Burdock Soup).

So making a soup is pretty much a simply affair for me. I generally peep into my fridge to see what's there before leaving for work and should at all there is a need to grab some ingredients on the way back home, I do that (Mutton Ball Soup, Mutton Mee Hoon Soup & Salted Fish Vegetable Soup). For this Chinese Chicken Soup With Watercress, chicken (Curry Chicken Noodles & Indian Chicken Stew) was already on my ground, I just grabbed a bunch of watercress, a popular green leafy veggies (Spinach Dhal Curry), which by far I think can be stir fried or you can happily drop it, obviously into soups. Making this soup isn't a major mystery either. First, simmer chicken to extract the stock. then add the other ingredients and chicken goes in as well after slicing. Super nutritious and super inviting. I believe so! 

1 medium size chicken breast
1 bunch of watercress - slit the stems and slice into medium size pieces
1/2 inch old ginger - sliced into big pieces
3 tbsp light soya sauce
Pepper for taste
Salt (only if needed)
Few drops of sesame oil
Spring onion for garnishing
Add chicken breast in a pot with 1 litre of water.
Simmer over low heat until chicken is soft and tender.
Remove pot from heat.
Drain the stock and add back into the pot.
Keep the chicken aside.
Once cool down, slice into pieces. 
Add ginger and watercress into the stock.
Simmer to heat through. 
Season the broth with light sauce, salt and pepper. 
Put in the chicken pieces and off the heat.
Pour soup in a serving bowl, drizzle sesame oil and garnish with spring onion.  
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  1. your clicks are always awesome and simple ingredients soup but so pack with flavors.

  2. Scary reading about the robbers. They're getting more daring by the day! Stay safe!

    Your bowl of soup looks very tempting! A one-dish filling meal is just right when you are cooking for one person. I must replicate your dish!

  3. You always amaze me with your soup recipes. Simply delicious

  4. I love water crest soup too. Its very cooling. But one down side is that once bought, hv to cook it the se day orax a day later or else wont be so nice any more. Next time if you hv water crest nuts, add in some too. It will makecthe soup sweeter

  5. Stay safe, the news was also publish in our papers.

    watercress is one of my favourite item for soup! Love it when its cooked for a long period so that its very soft!

    I still remember how I hate vegetables when I was young. Till one day, a trip to Malaysia (genting), I ate this watercress soup. From then on, there was no turning back. watercress soup was and is still one of my favourite soup!

  6. take care.....i felt terrified reading the above...its so sad...liked the soup recipe....

  7. Soups looks very tempting and comforting ! Though I'm not familiar with watercress !
    Robbery can be scary Nava ! We have this recent thing going on in our city,where Indians and gold are targeted,few of our close friends have been victimized ....its really bad...

  8. Stay safe Nava !! is to bad about the crimes this days anywhere so sorry to hear all about it,
    I can have this type soup anytime in any season,simple and easy to make :)

  9. soup looks so comforting...lovely clicks

  10. Hi Nava, sorry to hear about the bad experiences you previously encounter. It's indeed not safe for ladies to drive alone at night or at isolated place. So if it's not necessary, better stay at home.

    Your water cress soup look inviting, I love this soup too. Simple to cook and very good nourishment.

    Have a great week ahead.

  11. one flavourful and delicious soup...
    take care and be safe...

  12. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.comJuly 31, 2013 at 12:02 AM

    This is a very healthy and nutritious soup. Watercress is delicious even if you just stir-fried it with anchovies. It's also yummy if you make it into anchovies soup.

  13. Wow that's a little scary. Buy some pepper spray for your handbag and keep a baseball bat in your car just incase. Stay safe!

  14. Sorry to hear about your bad experience dear.. Stay calm and strong.. Take Care.
    Coming to the recipe, Soup looks delicious and healthy..

  15. Nav, the first picture looks awesome.
    Now that said, I am really really sorry to hear that. I also read your post a while ago on robberies and my husband and I both were shocked to hear it happens in a nice place like that. Take care, be aware and pray..

  16. I agree, getting out at night alone is getting dangeous day by day... I avoid it tooo....
    It better to be safe then sorry right...
    U were robberd 2wice!!!!
    The soup looks good, i live soups wether its summer ir winter...
    I can try a all veg version of this...
    Keep in touch

  17. Oh my God really terrified reading all this.Do take care Nava.
    Love the watercress yummy chicken soup.

  18. Better be at home and take care of yourself...eat healthy and nutritious home cook food

  19. wow...i learn so many new dishes that is very healthy too from your blog....wonderful nava

  20. Take care.. Be Safe.. Very comforting and inviting Soup..

  21. Stay safe Nava, yes it is scary, Always news are scaring than anything. I won't even go out in the night. By the way your version of chicken soup looks delicious and colorful with watercress.

  22. Sounds so scary Nava.. Please take care! The soup looks delicious and so so comforting

  23. Sorry that you had experienced those terrible things. I agree with you, going out at night is just not so safe, no matter what party of the world we're in. I heard crazy things happened, even in the once safe area/neighborhood. SO, better be safe than sorry.

    On a lighter note, this soup sounds soothing and is the best 1 pot meal to enjoy. :)


  25. Nava, Em... i like this simple soup as well. You are right, now a day there are so many cases of robbing and burglary and same as my place here. I not dare to bring my kids out going any by myself now. Rather staying at home watching tv o chit chat. You have to be more careful.

  26. looks very tempting... i love your presentation (restaurant style)

  27. My goodness, robbing and mugging never stops in Malaysia!!
    Cannot believe they have too much guts to pull it off in daylight...stay careful, Nava and have pepper spray of sorts handy!!
    The soup looks pristine and the flavor seem subtle!! Love the garnish at the top1

  28. These look like a happy beginning to a great day!

  29. My all time fave vegie. Though I normally only cook or consume this when the weather is sunny. Otherwise its a tad tough to wash and check out for snails:D

  30. This sounds so good. Clean and fresh.

  31. Ohh.. Very disheartening to hear that it is so scary to walk around even during day time :( And love that simple & easy soup recipe.. Light ingredients which is so easy on the stomach & lovable to the heart !


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