Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Asam Laksa Lemak (Tangy Creamy Laksa)

Hi there all you amazing foodies,
What's on our food card today? Aha, obviously, I've already given you the clue, its back to bowl food (Prawn Mee Hoon Soup, Shanghai NoodlesThai Salmon Noodle Soup). None other than our all time favourite Asam Laksa Lemak/Tangy Creamy Laksa. That's right everyone. Its another version, lets say that I sort of invented. Yes, I did. I can't be making the same laksa very often because I myself will be bored (Instant Asam Laksa, Prawn Curry Laksa & Nyonya Curry Laksa). For this laksa, its a repertoire of fresh fish (Ikan Asam Pedas & Pepper Mango Curry) fresh coconut milk (Long Beans Coconut Gravy), our local herbs (Mint Mushroom Burger, Rosemary Baked Chicken, Watermelon Mint Salad & Lemongrass Chicken Kebab) and chillies is a must (Indian Chicken Stew, Chilli Coriander Steamed Fish & Chilli Mutton Potatoes). Rich-spicy-creamy broth generously ladled over noodles you prefer and garnished alongside fresh pineapple, cucumber, red onion and fresh red chillies. Packs a punch indeed!

For the broth/gravy
10 sardine fish - slit in the centre, remove the intensives, keep the head intact and wash thoroughly
1 1/2 cup thick coconut milk
2 pieces of dried tamarind/asam keping
5 sprigs of asam leaves/daun kesum (if unavailable, use coriander leaves or spring onion)
1 small piece palm sugar.
Salt for taste

To blend /ground for a thick chilli paste
1/2 inch belacan/shrimp paste -roasted (optional)
5-6 dried red chillies
5 shallots
1 inch ginger

Noodles – blanched to soften 
Cucumber - thinly sliced. 
Fresh pineapples - diced/sliced
Red onion - slice into thin rings. 
Red chillies - sliced

Simmer fish with 1 litre of water over low heat to extract stock and to cook the fish. 
Drain and separate fish from stock.
Pour back stock in the pot.
Add chilli paste and tamarind.
Season with salt and palm sugar.
Stir and simmer over low heat.
Meanwhile discard heads and bones from fish.
Add the flesh with coconut milk and laksa leaves in the stock.
Keep it simmering.
Assemble noodles with cucumber, pineapple, onion and chilli.
Pour broth on top and tuck in. 
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  1. very flavorful bowls. one day I have to try this. and that day is very near.

  2. Looks awesome and stunning, I can feel the tangy taste of laska right from here. Very beautiful and vibrant color of laska makes it very tasty...

  3. Hi Nava, I'm a huge fan of laksa regardless any style. Your asam laksa lemak look very very delicious. The color look really beautiful. Your nyonya laksa look extremely good. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  4. oh mine....so much in that one small bowl...from broth to pieces and veggies and fruits...loved it

  5. This is my favourite too.. your bowl looks so delicious and now so tempted to have one :)

  6. another one of my favourite but cant make this coz will end up eating this a lone. Hubs like trengganu laksa...not fond of this :(

  7. A satisfying one pot meal. Looking so delicious. Adding fresh pineapples will give a sweet and sour taste. Lovely recipe.

  8. How much you adore this laksa recipe :-)!! Nice to read and you are indeed a shining star with not just Laksa, all the recipes/reviews!
    Be it any gravy, the addition of Coconut milk really brings in that beautiful yet subtle flavor out of any addition.
    Also love the addition of pineapple, new to me. Got to say, love the silky noodle!
    Looks very fresh and yum, I'm sure this recipe would be light on the tummy.
    Hope to find a veggie Laksa alternative :-)

  9. Love the colour on the laksa Nava. It looks so creamy and inviting. I must try this out one of these days :)

  10. The Laksa looks delicious Nav. Infact, we had a Laksa party years ago, and it was one of the best i'd say. With the toppings to choose and the flavors so beautiful, it's always a hit. Infact I've been thinking of putting out a laksa in blog for couple of weeks now, you've inspired me.

  11. AHH Beautiful creamy delicious ...you are tempting me !!

  12. like ur bowl nava.. colorful presentation.. i think i can learn so many recipes from you :)

  13. Love the vibrant colours! Will you be opening a private kitchen to us soon? You are always whipping out mouth watering noms!

  14. WOW.The entire bowls looks so delicious. I really need to start eating fish again.

  15. I crave for a good bowl of Laska from time to time! This looks amazing and I love that it's tangy and creamy! Can't wait to give this a try.

  16. Looks so delicious.....All the three laskas luks super tempting....m scared to experiment with fish becoz my hubby has got long nose....it seems like these are all tested recipes of urs so may b this time i can come forward to do some hands on Malay dishes.

  17. I soo love your style of cuisine.. Looks like laksa plays a prominent place in ur menu.. Love those colors & flavors !!

  18. Your Assam laksa lemak looks authentic and attract me to give it a try but I can only do that in a restaurant or if I live close by to you. I am sure it tastes superb!

  19. Wow Nava! this looks simply superb. colorful and mouthwatering. nice pics. Thanks for visiting my space regularly during my absence dear. Tons of thanks,hugs and love.

  20. The colours stand out. I can imagine how flavourful those bowls would be!!
    I was away attending an after-death ceremony (my husband's cousin) and was away from blogosphere. Good to come back and catch up with recipes and food pictures. Hope all is well, Nava.:)

  21. Such an inviting bowl, love the colours

  22. you are such an amazing cook! Can cook almost anything!

  23. I love your style of cooking. I always find new and wonderful recipes at your blog. Love visiting your blog. Very nice and delish dish. :)

  24. Laksa is very new to me, thanks for introducing it :) Very flavourful dish

  25. The bowl is so visually appealing.. I am sure it will taste super awesome!!

  26. Looks so inviting.. Love the flavourful laksa

  27. Had it last week... Loving yours...lovely colour...

  28. wow! my favorite bowl, we normally have it from singapore local food courts :-) love your recipe, will try sometime :-)

  29. This looks so amazing I want to eat a bowl of it now.


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