Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dhal/Lentil And Radish Gravy

My mind went in circles trying to coin a name for this dhal recipe. I wasn't sure, should it be a curry or side, maybe a dish squashed between both. Really it's up to you to decide on the intermix of mung dhal, also known as yellow split green beans with radish, spices and coconut milk. Its' a typical and traditional Indian style dish, popular among the Indian community. Such a dish can be paired with rice or with bread as a dip. 

Among my followers, some commented that I have a tendency to use coconut milk in my cooking. I agree, coconut milk is high in cholesterol and saturated fat. What you can do is replace the milk with carton or ideal milk. I can strongly suggest carton milk but I can't guarantee on the taste with ideal milk.  For me, the creamy taste of coconut milk in Asian dishes is heavenly. Knowing very well that my cholesterol level is slightly high, sometimes I let go and eat what I like. If I have to eat healthy everyday, my taste buds will collapse, I admit, I indulge in rich and sinful foods. So what have I been doing about my diet??? Guilt is a very frightening word for me and when it creeps into my brain, I align my diet, cut back on fattening food, exercise and eat healthy to lower my cholesterol. So far my health is good.

Whether you add coconut milk, carton or ideal milk, dhal with radish, spices and milk levels up the  spicy, tangy and creamy flavors.

1 cup split yellow mung dhal/green beans - soaked for 1/2 hour and drained.
1 medium size radish - remove skin and cut into match stick size.
1/2 cup thick coconut milk/cream
6 garlic - remove skin and cut into two pieces
4 shallots - chopped
1 tomato - sliced into pieces
3-4 dried chilies - cut into pieces
1 tsp fenugreek seeds
1 tsp garam masala
1/2 tbsp lime juice
1/2 tbsp turmeric powder
3 tbsp oil
Salt for taste
Add dhal, radish, tomato, and turmeric powder into a pot.
Pour enough water and simmer to soften dhal and radish.
Heat oil in another pan and sauté garlic and shallots.
Add fenugreek seeds and garam masala.
Quick stir and tip into the dhal mixture.
Pour in coconut milk and lime juice.
Season with salt.
Continue to simmer for a while and remove from heat.
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  1. never added fenugreek seeds with dal and radish.. very interesting recipe nava..

  2. I love coconut milk and don't think I can give up on that :) dhal looks very yummy and I love it with Rice :)

  3. Nava, I love coconut milk too, anyway we too have lime juice or assam jawa to balance it, so there's no reason to worry about cholestrol, after all we use it not drink it, 'aite?

    i love your parpu, always take it with naan or roti arab, yummeh!

  4. Nothing in the name when dish is so awesome.

  5. Hubi loves this. Have to simmer till its all soft, right?

  6. Gravy, it is!!
    The combination of Moong Dal or for that matter any Dal and coconut milk is brand new to me!! I would definitely love to give it a try, coz I'm a fan of coconut milk too! The richness factor makes it all the more yum, I'm very sure the regular milk cannot bring that richness!
    Yep, the idea is to have couple of cheat days in a week to indulge and the rest of the days have healthy food and yes, exercise to keep the guilt at bay!
    Love addition of fenugreek and garam masala - This kinda looks like a south and north Indian combination of dal.
    I'm sure it tasted perfect with steamed rice!

  7. Radish with dal is an interesting combination.worth a try.

  8. Adding garam masala to dal and radish is new to me.. Love to have your dal with chappati..

  9. Awesome..gravy looks fantastic.. liked the lentil redish combo.

  10. I love this dish:D Will always ask for extra helpings:D

  11. Simply lovely and comforting dal...

  12. flavorful and rich dal..looks fabulous..

  13. i have never made this combo before but it sounds and looks great here..may be next time will give this a try too..

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  14. Looks Yummy. .! ! !

  15. i never knew dal with coconut milk is to try for sure

  16. Nvr heard of radish gravy... It looks so comforting....

  17. Hey Nava, i can relate to you...I too am sailing in the same boat as far as diet is concerned..Hugs..
    The daal looks lovely!! This is such an innovative idea!!!

  18. Lovely combo of moong dal with radish and coconut milk.. Will definitely try this.. Thanks for sharing Nava :-)

  19. I agree too, I know we're both fans of coconuts & I see u using a lot in your recipes. Nice mix of ingredients you've got in this dish :)

  20. radish gray..sounds to try this out...

  21. i like the name you chose! my goodness, this is just packed with flavor--very impressive concoction!

  22. Its always a tough call between health and taste. But some things are best left to the way they were meant to be. Coconut milk is an essential part of Asian cuisine and contributes hugely to the taste and texture. Love the ingredients in your is sure to taste wonderful.

  23. I have used radish with dal but not coconut milk. Sounds lovely! In our parts, coconut is commonly used for sweet dishes but not much for savoury ones. It's fairly recently that I have started using coconut milk in curries. Would love to try out with lentils.

  24. To be frank, I have never tasted such a dish before. Will be curious how it would taste like.

  25. Adding coconut milk to my curries are musts. But after marriage I have to give up coconut milk in many recipes. :( My Mil strictly say a big NO to coconut milk. This radish with mung bean is one of my favourite Nava.

  26. Interesting recipe with the radish. Yummy.

  27. Comforting dal recipe

  28. nice combo, sounds new to me, really want to try out soon..
    lovely clicks

  29. I wonder how it tastes must be delicious:)


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