Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Curry Leaves Pepper Soup

A small time gardener I am. In my small plot of land, faithfully I've been growing some herbs. But they just like human beings have failed me. Not all but the curry leaf plant have been driving me up the wall. 4 years of showering all the love didn't seem enough until my other half feel neglected. He says I love my plants more. This man always like to assume. He thinks my unconditional love is for the curry leaves not realising that I'm trying to save his money. I mean his money pays for the marketing and groceries. For two or three sprigs of curry leaves or other herbs for the matter, its better to cut from my garden instead of buying a big packet and letting them die a natural death in the fridge. Sooner or later they will surely.   

As the dust settled about which I love more, the curry leaf plant started showing its true colours. The plant grew. Now I'm truly in love with the plant. What's next? Carefully pruned and used for this soup. 

4 shallots - chopped
4 garlic - chopped
1 red chilli - remove seeds and chopped
3-4 sprigs curry leaves
1 1/2 cup frozen veggies 
1 tbsp lemon/lime juice
1/2 litre vegetable stock (you can also use vegetable granules)
3 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

1 tbsp coriander powder
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp fennel powder
1 tsp black pepper powder
** mix all together
Heat oil and sauté shallots, garlic and chilli.
Add spice mixture and stir. 
Pour vegetable stock and simmer till heated through.
Add curry leaves, frozen veggies, salt and lemon juice
Simmer for another 2-3 minutes and remove from heat. 
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  1. thats a very good soup recipe, hassel free... and thansk for the reply on the achar.. im making it with raw mangoes this comming week... :)

    keep in touch,

  2. i just love curry leaves nava.. mostly i try to use them in non-veg recipes.. they give a special aroma..

  3. Very healthy and aromatic soup Nava... Good idea of soup with curry leaves :-)

  4. ha ha...sometimes i also do the same ...look inside the pantry first and then decide what i should cook up... I miss my home back in India...i have got like one big tree of curry leaves and many small plants here and there in the garden..its so sad on my part that i have to buy them here at Indian groceries.,,i love your soup recipe...am sure its comforting :-)

  5. Wow u have ur own curry leaves plant... When we were in India we had a curry leaved trees itself... I miss my garden after coming to Sg. ... Btw soup looks very Temtping

  6. looks good! And from the recipe it looks like its fast to prepare!

  7. Congrats Nava, on growing the curry leaf tree successfully, your soup looks awesome and fab. I love curry leaves it has unique flavour and taste. Wonderful, light soup with perfectly infused masalas...

  8. I can have the whole bowl right now! Super yum

  9. Aha, a humble soup!! Looks fresh, colorful and satiating!! And the addition of fennel powder is actually a nice touch!
    Oh not just curry leaves, any veggie or herb that we grow in our backyard, makes our life easier!! I in specific like growing chillies, freshly plucked chilli's aroma and the hotness is divine!
    I also like growing button tomatoes, they look adorable and tastes home like!!

  10. i can sit here and feel how much deep flavour that soup has...that is so soothing and light soup

  11. Frozen vegetables always come handy when you have nothing else in the fridge.Simple and satisfying. Nava, I love the smell of curry leaves and want a tree in my home. If the Canadian govt. allows to bring plants I would certainly bring a small sapling of this tree from my own home in India.

  12. Growing curry leaves in ur backyard is so nice..With such drastic weather changes here the poor plant never survived the extremes.What an aromatic soup!!!

  13. You came up with a lovely dish. The fresh curry leaves must have made a big difference. Looks very appetizing!

    I haven't had any luck with the plant either. It's time I planted a new sapling. The curry leaves in our region smell much milder than the ones from the southern part of the country. I long for the curry leaves of Chennai.....

    Have a pleasant week!

  14. Your curry leaves plant will take off from now and grow well. They need to be planted on the ground, I have few in my backyard,they are huge now. Every winter it it is harsh they will die and comes back , but last few winter are mild they are fine . I didn't do much pruning also. I love to add them in everything.

    Love this soup nava full of flavor and delicious.

  15. Curry leaves...a very healthy option. Soup looks quite relishing.

  16. Very healthy iron rich soup.. Love the way the vegetables are mixed with the spices..

  17. Yumm! I love all these vegetables:) Looks tasty!

  18. I too wanted to try to grow one here.. But my efforts went futile.. Back at home, every other house has one at the backyard :) It's such a great feeling seeing them grown in full plush :) And the soup too looks very tempting.. A kick with the spices & veggies.. A real treat !!

  19. I love curry leaves in any form :) this soup has given me a way towards my own experiment :)

  20. I love clear soup.. This soup is so healthy and yummy

  21. Oh its same with me too Nava, still no luck with a curry leave plant! The soup looks so delicious. I can imagine the bust of flavors!

  22. I have never used curry leaves...the soup sounds and looks delicious with the veggies in it.
    Have a great week Nava :D

  23. curry leaves soup sounds interesting !

  24. Hi Nava, this soup look extremely good and I'm sure it taste heavenly. With all the wonderful spices you used, sure got extra kick. Slurrppp...... I love the curry leaves fragrant scent.

    Best regards.

  25. Curry leaves are the perfect way to spice up a delicious soup :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  26. i love to add the curry leaves in everything they add a special aroma to the dish.soup looks divine.

  27. wow.. so relishing with amazing clicks dear...

  28. yes Nava ..it is really an achievement ..i tried to grow a plant numerous times but always failed:)
    curry leave soup is very new to me..this soup looks so tempting..

  29. Love those Curry leaves from ur garden . I remember my mom growing those curry leaves when I was a kid . Yummy soup


  30. curry leaves soup looks super yummy !

  31. I am so excited to read this. I have recently started growing oregano, thyme and rosemary plants and cannot agree more with you. Its a pleasure to pickup fresh herbs when you need them instead of stocking up in the refrigerator. That soup looks amazing...please pass that bowl onto me Nava. I might just start liking the winter:-)

  32. Comforting and warm for the tummy! I will love to try this simple soup soon!

  33. You gave me a totally new recipe of soup......i love curry flavour.Useful clicks.


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