Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tom Yum Seafood Soup

“Happy Teachers Day” to all my followers and blogger friends who are teachers. I'm sure the day must have been colourful, filled with flowers, gifts and wonderful greetings from your students. For me, I am attempting to forget my schooling years, but I guess sometimes its not so easy to brush aside bad memories. Albeit I can still recall my teachers, none are worth mentioning. Well, the truth hurts. Doesn't it?  Perhaps because I was such a timid not-so smart student and a nervous wrack, my teachers always pick, scold and shout at me. Whenever they are in bad mood, seem like I am their punching bag. They would also openly criticize me in front of the whole class. I kept silent and quietly cried. Mum didn't sympathise because those days teachers are always right. Therefore, there was no way I can confide in her, if I spoke about my teachers, she will automatically defend them. 

Regardless, my secondary years definitely were better since I had some great classmates. Anyway, it came to a point I didn't care less. I completed my education, started working immediately, had a kid and after 10 years furthered my education. Indeed a whole new experience. I adore my liberal lecturers, their dedication and the chic chat sessions during tea breaks. I also met friends as crazy as me.We had fun while studying as well as during happy hours for gulping down beer in the name of releasing stress. Slowly but surely I became confident, independent and vocal, I not only grew as a person but in my career as well with a string of qualifications. I wouldn't say that by stroke of luck I am now an educator. Still, its a joy teaching and learning from my students, laughing over silly jokes and being there for them. They too grew after graduating. Thanks to face book for I am able to keep in touch with them.

What a story ah? Well, those phrases of life are unforgettable, just like how every now and then, I am reminded to make a tom yam dish (Tom Yam ChickenTom Yam Prawn Fried, Seafood Tom Yam Soup & Tom Yam Goong) by my soul mate. We simply adore Tomyam, or Thai cuisine (Vegetable Green CurryNoodles in Thai Sauce Fish Chilli Lime, Curried Lemongrass Fish & Lemongrass Chilli Potatoes) for its notable spicy, tangy and tad bit salty tastes. This Tom Yum Seafood Food, mind you, is not the same as the previous one, no, it is not. To know it is to make it. Enjoy the big bold Thai flavours everyone (Thai Style Steamed Fish & Fried in Garlic Chilli). 

6-7 medium size prawns - de-vein without removing removing the head and skin. 
5 fish balls 
2 medium size squids - clean and cut into rings
1/4 Chinese cabbage - sliced
2 tomatoes - sliced
1 lemongrass - bruised
1 inch galangal/lengkuas - smashed
5-6 kaffir lime/limau purut leaves
1/2 tbsp lime juice (optional)
1 large red onion - sliced
3-4 red/bird eye chillies - smashed
1 tbsp fish sauce
2 sprigs coriander leaves - sliced
1/ tsp sugar
1 1/2 tbsp oil
Salt for taste
In the heated oil, saute lemongrass, galangal and onion.
Add tomatoes and chillies. 
Stir for a mushy paste.  
Pour 1/2 liter of water (more if you like), add prawns and lime leaves.
When prawns are half cooked, add the rest of the ingredients except coriander leaves.
Simmer to heat through. 
Sprinkle coriander leaves, off the heat and serve immediately. 
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  1. hi Nava,

    I have had these kind of soups in thai restaurants . but i have not attempted to make it so fat . Thanks for sharing . Will try out soon

  2. Awesome and mouth-watering soup Nava.. This recipe is in my must-try list.. Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. I think i commented here as well!! where did it go?!
    No problem, let me say it again :)
    You have clicked amazing pictures!! I wanted to know if i can replace seafood by something veg...

  4. Wow! Wow! This soup is one of our favorite weeknight soup these days. I used to make this using Knorr chicken cubes. But i want to try your recipe. This is just awesome.

  5. Soup looks superb yumm... Click is just like professional... Happy to follow you...

  6. Such a delicious looking soup my friend, the veggie version at a local restaurant is my favourite :D


  7. so tempting. What is the white small ball like in the pic?

  8. Gheza - the round stuffs are fish balls.

  9. Happy Teachers Day to you, Nava!!
    I cannot believe that you were a shy girl growing up :-)!!!
    Some teachers really make an impression and some doesn't even matter! I do have good memories from my formative years!! But I'm not in touch with any of them now.
    Love the soup, especially the fish ball, it is kinda looking like rosagulla :-) - looks perfect!

  10. This looks super yummy...perfect start for a perfect meal!

  11. I think every one has good and bad experience with their teachers and there are some who really stand out from others like this soup. It looks like a great recipe.

  12. Its Teachers' Day in Malaysia? Happy Teachers' Day! Now I know you are an educator! Not an easy job!

  13. In India, Teacher's Day is on August 5. Interesting to read your insight on your childhood teachers. It made me think about mine. There were just a few that I liked and admired.

    I'm seriously thinking of making the soups from your recipes when my boys come home. Not all the ingredients are available here so I'll have to use substitutes for some.

  14. A hearty and delicious soup. Love all that sea-food and the flavours you described.
    I can actually identify with you coz i too used to be timid and shy as a kid. I too owe it to some wonderful friends who brought me out of my shell.

  15. It looks and sounds delicious!! Very nice blog!

  16. Soup along with the click is simply wow


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