Saturday, May 18, 2013

Orange Fruity Sangria

Gone are the days when Friday or Saturday nights were about clubbing and partying. I still remember dolling up and checking out the latest noisy and happening clubs and discos. I don't regret what I did because it was fun and great experiences. I think I have covered the quota for the rest of my life with alcohol, the packs of brandy, whisky and every other concoction of cocktails. Now I look forward to the weekends to spend quality time with my other half because we hardly see each other on weekdays. I am asleep when he gets back home and I am off to work while he is catching up on his stress of working. 

Yet, a chilled glass of cocktail is still appreciated. Don't ask me about the different types and qualities of wine. All I can say is that if the wine can get me tipsy for a good sleep, that wine is the best. I pretend to be a pro when buying wine, pretend I can smell but what I am smelling??? I think it's a gimmick to impress the sales person who needs the commission and I want a bottle of wine to wind me down.
Ok, how did the great idea about making orange fruity sangria pop into my mind? I brought oranges and green apples. These just remained in my fruit basket.  I had the bottles of Stevie lemon and orange essences which were send to me some time back.
I wanted flavors to the wine I was about to drink. The rest can't be explained. Into a bowl of chopped apples, slices of oranges, a cup of soda and a bottle of wine, a few drops of orange essence rolled in. I couldn't wait for the cocktail to be chilled, so I added some ice cubes and sipped in.

Ingredients (estimates, add the amount you prefer)
1 bottle of wine
A few drops of orange essence
Green apples - remove seeds and chopped
Oranges - slices thinly
A cup of soda/7-up

Mix and stir all together and cheers!!!

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  1. Wow what a fantastic drink :)

  2. Yah just great for days like today

  3. Very nice Nava, I don't drink any kind of alcohol, but may be it looks nice so u should hav eenjoyed...

  4. What a yummy thirst-quencher ! I wouldn't mind a glass of three of that :D

  5. So very attractive glass full drinks :)

  6. I just cracked up reading the modest line - "pretend I can smell but what am I smelling???", HaHa!!
    I do that too, when I dunno what I'm doing, that is the exact way I would react :-)
    Sangria looks very inviting!! Green apple is a good addition, I love the color of the skin!
    And the curly fluorescent stirrer, haa that adds the extra kick to the snap!! Love it.

  7. Simply refreshing drinks love it, perfect for summer days here :)

  8. Loved reading more about you Nava!! It's fun to party with friends!!
    thr Sangria loooks amazing!!! I think i'll try it sans wine...

  9. I love sangria! You've reminded me to have a glass.

  10. ur life does sound like mine! i sleep when he's back and he sleeps when i'm off to work... :D

  11. I hope you should have enjoyed your drinks.. Nice clicks..

  12. Life has become very busy nowadays.. My hubby returns late from office.. And leaves home early morning.. So we too hardly get time to talk.. It's always weekends when we try to make the most of the time we get together.. Yes, I do miss the time I used to spend with my friends before marriage... Wish I could relive the moment at least once again.. SIGH! The drink looks stunning Nava :-)

  13. Preety damn good and rfreshing drink!
    btw, where did u brought the essence?

  14. This crazy weather calls for a sangria! Brilliant idea with the added essence. They should be very refreshing!

  15. Can't really resist the temptation of the delicious looking Sangria, with so hot outside.

  16. Yes those are gone with the days....
    Fri m sat is family day to me...
    I love your drink ... Very refreshing and nice

  17. You certainly deserve a little chill time with fabulous drink :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  18. I am glad to know that I have company now seeing so many women commenting on catching up on weekends:))
    sangria looks great ,Nava!

  19. I know the feeling, NK! When I go out with my girlfriends now, there are still some who want to go clubbing later, I just can't do it anymore! This is a wonderful recipe, must give it a try in the summer!


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