Saturday, May 11, 2013

Minced Chicken Mee Hoon Soup

They say "experience is the best teacher". Absolutely I must agree. After all, experience is the learning curve for mistakes we make, in my life, buckets of painful mistakes I have made and came again another mistake as another "wake up" lesson. Goes like this -  a month back, I removed the word verification for my blog at the advice of those who found it troublesome when leaving comments. I of course thought it was a brilliant thing to do, but not till spammers took advantage. Loads of spam mails, at first I couldn't figure out why, then I put two to two together and set the word verification again. Lesson learned - don't be ignorant about online security measures - read,  find out and be extra careful before disaster strikes.

Well, so much so about the blogging world and now to the recipe - rice noodles with chicken broth, minced chicken and topped with bean sprouts, fried shallots and spring onion.   

For the minced chicken
400g minced chicken
1 tsp dark soya sauce
1 tsp light soya sauce
1 tsp corn flour
1/2 tsp sugar
Salt and pepper to taste
3 tbsp oil

1 litre chicken stock (you can also use chicken cube)
Mee hoon (as needed) - blanch to soften
Spring onion - shredded
Bean sprouts - blanch to soften
4 shallots - sliced thinly
Salt and pepper to taste  

Mix chicken with the ingredients listed under "for the chicken"except oil.
Keep aside. 
Heat oil and fry shallots till crispy and dark brown in colour
Remove and keep aside. 
Add chicken mixture in the same oil and do the same (fry till crispy while breaking into pieces)
Remove and keep aside.
In the same oil/pan, pour chicken stock.
Season with salt and pepper
Simmer till boiling point.
Assemble noodles with crispy fried chicken, shallots, bean sprouts and spring onion.
Pour soup over and serve immediately.
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  1. i too had all these experiences are right, we need to safe guard our hard work.Loved the addition of bean sprouts to this soup,looks absolutely warming.nice clicks. have a nice weekend dear!

  2. Yes, the spam is horrible sometimes. I also received random comments , all of them stated in the same way that they like my blog (it was always very indirect) and then they posted a link to their website. To everyone - NEVER click those links! Delete those comments!

    Nice recipe by the way :) Looks amazing :)

  3. Thanks for supporting what I have written. It was horrible. I noticed some of the bloggers actually published the comments, maybe they are not aware of the consequences. Thought of letting them know via this recipe.

  4. I'm glad you brought this up. It's a good thing to know for new bloggers, particularly.

    The soup looks wonderful! That would be delicious and filling too! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for letting us know about the verification code. Def. in the interest of our blog. I think you are right to save your blog is more important.

    Soup looks simply delicious.

  6. Nava I m too facing this situation.too many spammers. And few comments got published automatically & had to delete manually . I m not much techno savvy . Got worried if my account got hacked.

    Soup looks delicious

  7. The spam is definitely awful my friend, your extra security is worth the safety - so many vulgar things are written! But I love your recipe today, it is a nicer and more delicious topic :D


  8. Thank you Nava very important info about spammers...
    Very nice and comforting soup...

  9. Nava..tis is scary...thanks for sharing this info...m turning on my captcha now...I have been coding all these years trying to safeguards the all big banks software, i just ignored the fact that it was necessary for my personal blog too. Thanks for drawing my attention to this
    Anyways the chicken soup tat i see here is just awesome and mouthwatering. You have got perfect hands for clicking a mouth watering shot.

  10. Oh my! thank you for sharing this. I need to set it up too before I am hit with any such nightmare. That's bowl of healthy soup Nava :-)

  11. Hi friends,

    I also read a while ago that spammers may be able to obtain your passwords because there are softwares to do so. Also,change your password from time to time as another security measure.

  12. Hey nava, thats really like a warning.personally I dun like the verification but then I put the moderation on. The soup is 2 gud...

  13. Its hard to keep ahead of spammers and hackers. They always seems to be able to find some loop holes. thanks for sharing

    The chicken mee hoon soup is my type of comfort food! Homely full of warmth!

  14. Sorry Nava, I know you removed the verification on my request, I am really sorry about that...

  15. Oh luckily i never had this problem but sure something to keep an eye on, thanks for sharing.

    This soup looks so delicious

  16. No worries! Word verification or not, I am still happily visiting your blog for my dosage of good recipes, travel & beauty reviews.

    I like such mee hoon soups! My type of comfort food!

  17. I moderate any post before it gets published. Yes word verification is not choice. Still you have to protect your blog. This chicken soup looks delicious.

  18. oo what a gorgeous bowl of soup. i would die for a bowl of noodles right now! and sorry about the blogging setback :p spammers are the worst! glad you're carrying on!

  19. nice mee hoon soup....simple n yummy

  20. that's enticing and so simple to prepare...looks delicious!

  21. Thanks for sharing the info about online security dear. Yes it's true that we have to be very careful about our personal info's. as u said it is important to reset our passwords to time to time and make sure u have made the password with at least with 2 letters, 2 numerics and with 2 extra characters such as !@#$*. It will be very difficult for the hackers to crack the password.
    About the recipe.. I started to like mee hoon after coming to Singapore, but i have never tried on my own. I will try this recipe dear.

  22. Thanks for sharing this.. Just realized how important online security is.. This is such a comforting soup Nava... Warm and delicious meal :-)

  23. I hadn't taken the word verification stuff very seriously...thanks for this post ...wonderful soup...would be great on a cold day !

  24. ooo no wonder now the word verification is on.

    Well think of it this means your blog is popular :)

  25. It is very thoughtful of you to share your experience, at the same time educating the readers about the security measures. Appreciate it, Nava!
    Also I love the bowl of soup, rich flavor and amazing color!
    Soy sauce is a good addition along with the sparkling red chilli!

  26. Wow... I am so sorry you get so much spam! I get a lot too, it really is a pain!

  27. Amazing pics and inviting recipe..

  28. Delicious soup n gr8 clicks


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