Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kiat Seng Seafood Restaurant (Bandar Puteri, Puchong) Selangor

Another year gone by and another "Mother's Day". Unlike the previous years (Bumbu Bali & Bibiwok), this year, mum was honoured a week earlier because Mother's Day is the latest trend on social media. Whether mothers are genuinely appreciated (I still do inspite of mum driving me up the wall), that's beside the point of dining and quickly garnering hundreds of likes for the "lovey-dovey" pictures. After that, we split the bill and force the other siblings to pay okay??

Where to lunch this time was really straightforward. Soon as we parked across the main road, I noticed Kiat Seng and no talk, quickly the family was forced to walk into this typical Chinese restaurant - plain decor, tiled walls, plastic chair and tables lined with "Ong or Wong cloth - Red Mah!!". The menu actually you don't have to call. Look at the walls and there you see including the popularity of Kiat Seng. Thus, we decided on the dishes but the actual non-stylish menu was still given. Lunch then opened up upon the arrival of the dishes. 

Sambal Stir Fried Eggplant, Long Beans, Tofu and Stink Beans (Petai)
Garlic Stir Fried/Woh Hei-Hei-Hei Lotus Root, Carrot and Corn
Lala/Clam Soup with Kei Chi/Wolfberries
Kam Heong Chicken
Batter Fried Squid/Sotong
Clay Pot Fish Head Curry
Sweet Sour Crabs

Crispy crunchy sotong the favourite of the kids, the stir fried dishes everyone ate, the lala soup - a little overwhelming with Chinese wine but mum and I loved it, the chicken all whacked up, the fish head curry was tasty though cannot compete with Indian curries and the crabs, fresh and succulent crab and instead of spicy, sweeter the gravy. Family members had mixed comments after tucking in but mum was satisfied. RM250.00 for 10 people? What say you??
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  1. Lovely, wide variety of dishes...
    You should have had great time with your mom...

  2. That is lotta food :-) Very good shots and a nice review!!
    I'm sure your mother had a gala time with you. I liked the bean stir fry, also "lotus root" is brand new to me, looks more like fryums!! Those crabs look authentic and juicy!
    I have also observed that the spice level being subtle and placid in Chinese curries, but somehow I like them because they are different from the usual run-of-the-mill Indian curries ;-)

  3. Navaneetham, Nice restaurant review.. they have wonderful menu..all dishes look very delicious..I loved the big clay pot of fish head curry, got me cravings to have a nice fish curry.

  4. the lala looks yummy...belated mothers day wishes to u nava!! hope u had a gud time

  5. Nava this is by far one of the delicious meal choices u have ordered.Chicken ,squid ,crab fish head everything looks drool worthy .The pictures tell me to make a mental note of the place.

  6. mmmmmmm...........so many different types of sea food. wooh!!!! amazing and mouth watering. Sweet crab, fish head.... Fish head offers lots of intelligence. It seems u had great time with ur mother. :-)

  7. Looks like you had fun at the place!! Some yummy food, eh?!

  8. Lotus root! Loogs yummy...and the lala soup definitely looks awesome!

  9. Droolworthy and mouthwatering menu Nava.. Lovely clicks :-)

  10. food sounds good. Just what I like. Pricing how? price ?

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  12. sweet and sour crab? I have eaten sweet sour pork. but not crab! =)

  13. Yummy review specially the squid part.I love those squids..Seems those sea creatures have come to life with such wonderful colours and taste ;)Got to visit this place when i get a chance to,specially coz of navas review :)

  14. Hey, not sure if you got my other message but my fiance and I really like your blog. :) We’re both bloggers ourselves, and he insisted that I message you.


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