Sunday, May 19, 2013

George Chuah's Nyonya Nasi Lemak (Poh Yap Restaurant, Kota Kemuning) Shah Alam

Our routine for the weekends is pretty much standard. I cook lunch and dinner is anywhere and anything (Old Town White Coffee, Pak Li Kopitiam, Pak Hailam Kopitiam, Seri Melur, Spicy Crab Portuguese & Restaurant Padi Prada). Can be at high end restaurants as once in a while treat. Usually at coffee shops. We have been regularly eating in Restoran Poh Yap (opposite McDonalds Kota Kemuning) and only recently I noticed the nasi lemak stall right at the back. As I walked up to order, I found out that there's been publicity in the newspaper about the stall. All the more I was keen to try their nasi lemak. 

For the coconut rice, I asked for asam chicken, kerang/cockle sambal, chilli dried prawn flakes, sambal belacan, fried egg and the rest were the standard condiments.  

I ordered and joined my other half who won't eat anything except his favourite fried kuey teow which he claims is simply the best among the rest. I too have eaten a few times. Since I am not a fan of fried kuey teow or fried mee, I have no comments neither I would dispute about the taste. Anyway, I was eagerly waiting for the nasi lemak which came within 5 minutes, priced at RM7.50. 
I sampled a bit of everything first instead mixing all up with the rice. Sambal belacan was the clear winner. I know better. Its  a must when available anywhere I eat. Even at home too (sambal belacan). The taste was right - not too spicy, not too salty and not too sour. Yum is the word to describe. The other which stood out was the chilli dried prawn flakes. Equally good. In fact good enough for the rice without the other dishes. As for the asam chicken, its a pass though I still prefer asam dish with fish. Similarly, pass for the plain sambal. The kerang sambal was not my favourite but can't be faulted. Of course when everything is mixed and eaten, its truly a satisfying meal.  
The stall has been around for a while now and is quite popular too. If you come over after 12pm, perhaps there will be less choices on the dishes as well no more Bihun Siam and Mi Hailam. 
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  1. Me too don't care if food is good then size of shop doesn't matter. Spicy dish.

  2. I will go n try
    Is near to my work place

  3. The place no ventilation?...Hmmm...i think i will "tapau" instead of eating there

  4. I feel that if you want to have the authentic food of a region try the street stall.
    Maybe in future on my visit to Malaysia, will have to take your expert advice for the food finds.

  5. Nice write up!!
    Next time I get a chance to taste Malaysian cuisine probably I will settle for a Veggie nasi lemak dish!!
    I understand that it is one the national dishes of Malaysia and you keep talking about this in many of your posts. It kinda intrigues me to try out :-)
    Also I have always been a fan of Live counters where they make food in your presence!! But yes we end up coming out like a par cooked chicken, HaHa, but worth every penny we pay there!!

  6. Yummy! Will certainly be listing this into my list of to nom when we visit KK over the weekend.

  7. Nice review Nava.. Food looks awesome and spicy.. Just how I prefer mine :-)

  8. Hi u have a nice blog.U can visit my blog and give ur valuable comments .

  9. Looks really yummy!! Hope I can visit Malaysia some day and taste all that wonderful food that you write about!!

  10. Great review Nava,as always the foods are looks delicious :)

  11. Nava, this looks real delicious.

  12. Thanks for another delicious review my friend :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. The food looks great!! Thanks for review..


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