Monday, May 20, 2013

Chinese Fried Rice

Work is up to my neck. I feel the stress and I feel like giving up work.  In my profession, work means working from home as well. At times during weekends to meet deadline. The peak is now and will continue for another two weeks. So cooking has to be as simple as possible. Simple meaning making fried rice. Not the same Chinese Fried Rice but another type made with chicken roast, water chestnuts and eggs. 

3 cups cooked rice
3 to 4 pieces chicken roast/ham/bacon - diced
5 water chestnuts or 1/4 turnip - sliced into thin long stripes
3 eggs 
2-3 spring onions - shredded
6 garlic - chopped
1-2 red chilies - remove seeds and sliced into thin long stripes
Pepper and salt for taste
Oil as needed
1 tsp chicken stock (optional)

Scramble eggs and dish out.
In the same oil, fry chicken till crispy.
Add in garlic and continue to stir for about 1-2 mins.
Add rice and seasoning.
Quickly stir to combine all the ingredients.
Lastly add eggs, spring onion and chilies.
A few more stirs and remove from heat.
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  1. I enjoy fried rice made with some eggs :) Very delicious flavors:) Looks delicious! Love your pictures:)

  2. A colorful treat for the eyes and mouth. :).Handy recipe for leftover rice. Sometimes i too feel bad that i couldn't visit often to my fellow bloggers site. due to my little one. She has just started her preschool and falling sick again and again. I will try my best to visit often.

  3. This nice and tasty bowl of rice will take away most of your work stress.

  4. Hi Nava, wow..... your fried rice look awesome. Love your ideas of using chestnut, very interesting recipe. Thanks for sharing. Nice picture.

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  5. I wish I can go back to work now. Tired being stay at home. Rice looks so tempting.

  6. I always live Chinese fried rice... This version makes me drooling

  7. fried rice is always called the mixup of leftovers... appreciate how you manage to sneak in time despite being deep into work... :) lovely clicks as usual...

  8. perfect for lazy day quite wholesome dish too,love the addition of different textures.

  9. Nava, I understand what it is like to carry work home. Happens to me often. The recipe looks easy and so delicious. thank you for sharing :)

  10. Any stressful day, fried rice comes handy as a life saver!!
    Your fried rice looks pristine, fresh and yummy!! Love the clicks! Also "water chestnut" is a innovative addition, it's sweet and sour flavor is to die for.
    The last time I had water chestnut, It was in a Mumbai restaurant where I ordered "Kashmiri Pulao", along with the rest of the regular ingredient, chestnuts were a major part - It was mildly sweet and tasted nice. Hence I can imagine the taste in fried rice!! I'm too hooked to the logic that eggs are a must in fried rice, if not it is not a fried rice :-)

  11. nice love fried rice any time it looks so inviting.

  12. A flavorful combination of spices and rice! Looks great!!!

  13. i just love fried rice.. yummy and absolutely delicious..

  14. i m just in love with this rice bowl..want to finish it right away :)

  15. I love making fried rice especially for my boys. Yours look so tempting! I haven't used water chestnuts like that...a new thing for me. Such a fun way of learning something new!

    Sorry to hear about your work. I guess some days aren't so good. I hear my husband say the same so I can relate to that.

  16. I am ready for fried rice anytime .

  17. my type of this most of the time....simple n filling.and urs looks perfect!!

  18. Quick and simple!

    BTW, I now cook with quinoa replacing rice when making fried rice.

  19. I'm sure you must have reduced work stress by half at least after having this divine and amazing fried rice.. Loved it Nava :-)

  20. A bowl with some great flavours and textures. I'd love to have this for lunch today!

  21. Thanks for the authentic recipe!! this sure looks yumm...

  22. Another word: captivating!

    as its simple, colourful, appetizing!

  23. colourful and a lovely bowl of rice...

  24. Looks really yum ...

    My recent one :


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