Saturday, April 20, 2013

Serai Sayur Lodeh (Coconut Vegetable Stew)

Hi there everyone,
Today I am showcasing another typical Malaysian dish (Ikan Asam Pedas, Gado Gado, Nasi Dagang, Nasi LemakSambal Sotong, Belacan Fish SambalOtak-Otak, Ayam Masak Merah, Kampung Fried Rice,Kangkung Belacan, Sambal Serai Ayam & Sambal Petai Ikan Bilis). Sayur Lodeh is one of them, which generally is made by tipping in some meat/poultry. I on the other hand decided on a vegetarian version for our once a week meatless Saturday meals. Making lodeh is quite straightforward, whether you prefer a vegetarian (Vegetable Green Curry) or non-vegetarian version (Prawn Cabbage Coconut Milk Gravy & Ikan Masin/Salted Fish Pineapple Curry). A combination of colourful veggies will justify its vibrancy, whereas this Serai Sayur Lodeh (Coconut Vegetable Stew) is still justified with coconut milk (Mango Coconut JellyCoconut Mango Jelly & Tom Yum Goong), alongside lemongrass (Lemongrass Prawn Mee), tofu, long beans (Long Beans Coconut Gravy) and chillies for its creamy, mild spicy and lemony scent. With sweet potatoes (stir-fried sweet potato leaves in chilli), this stew is further enhanced with tad-bit of natural sweetness. Absolutely it is. Can we get hungry now?

2 pieces of white tofu - sliced
2 sweet potatoes - remove skin and cut into chunks
20 long beans - sliced to 1 inch length
1 lemongrass 
5 garlic 
4 shallots 
1-2 red chillies -remove seeds and sliced thinly
2 sprigs coriander leaves - shredded
1 cup thick coconut milk
1 tbsp of oil
Salt for taste
Roughly blend/pound lemongrass, garlic and shallots.
Heat oil and saute the blended ingredients for a minute or two.
Add potatoes and pour one cup of water.
Season with salt.
When potatoes are half cooked, add beans and continue to simmer till both are soft.
Then add tofu and coconut milk.
Stir all in and once heated through, remove from heat.
Lastly add coriander leaves and chillies.
Stir again and serve.
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  1. Hi Nava very delicious vegetable stew. I love to use coconut milk so my vote is for you. Such a lovely dish. Thanks a lot for sharing. I am learning lot of new dishes from you.

  2. Hai Nava
    Thank you very much for removing the word verification.

  3. liked ur serving spoon.. i dont use coconut milk much in my recipes.. but love this curry with aappam..

  4. Wow comfort in the bowl. Delicious.

  5. Nice blend of veggies , beans and of course Tofu makes it a healthy stew . ..

  6. Nava ur the label says 78 soups thats like enough for two volumes of cookbooks.How do u make so many varieties,I am amazed!!

  7. Love sayur lodeh! Awesome with some ketupat, peanut sauce and sambal! Another awesome dish whereby I welcome the use of coconut milk.

  8. delicious stew..protein rich dish too...nice clicks

  9. Just mouthwatering...looks delicious!

  10. Hi Nava, the stew looks so delicious and colorful.. :-)

  11. This looks soooo soooo inviting!!! Lovely picture and lovely recipe :)

  12. Would love, LOVE to try this out. Your photos are so appealing, made my mouth water!

  13. This is such a simple, yet very rich looking recipe.
    Love the tofu floating around. Also the color, OMG can beat any other recipe down.
    I'm definitely trying this.
    Very fulfilling stew, indeed.

  14. Nice blend of veggies with coconut milk...would love to have it with idiyappam

  15. OMG ms.nava this one look's really yummy, my saliva is running out now hahaha.. i love the combination of the vege really inviting.. :)

  16. Such a healthy and delicious stew!


  17. I don't think I heard of serai but this dish looks interesting to me.

  18. Healthy vegetable stew. Looks really colorful.
    Have you missed the coconut milk in the ingredients list dear?

  19. WOnderful stew,i am quite sure it will taste wonderful,look at the wonderful burst of color they are divine.Super click Nava.

  20. This looks so yummy Nava! Will have to try this version soon since it has so many of my favourite ingredients.. Loved this recipe :-)

  21. it looks wonderful..I've been trying out some Thai dishes & will sure try this out...great clicks too !

  22. This looks yum and I love tofu I will try it out.

  23. Sounds so yum...let me try this one day

  24. Reading this makes me hungry. I love vegetable stew with coconut milk. Thanks for sharing your recipe.


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