Monday, April 1, 2013

Miss Maud Restaurant - (Murray Street, Perth) Australia: Part 2

Buffet breakfast or breakfast for the matter, seldom for me except when I travel and that too if included with the stay(Miss Maud Hotel). Okay. Okay. breakfast has been said as the most important meal for the day, well, here I was back again at Miss Maud Restaurant (Miss Maud restaurant). The counterparts were already tucking in not forgetting to reserved a seat when I walked in at about 9.15am. Looking at them eating already made me full and of course, came the suggestions - you must try this, you must not miss that and so on. The buffet - well, quite a good selection to perk up your morning, you get salads, fresh fruits, cold meat, bread, cereals, pasta, eggs dah! dah! dah!!!.

My breakfast - sunny side egg, sauteed mushrooms with herbs, scrambled eggs and a dash-dash of the sauces. Coffee of course must be included and for the next round, chocolate muffin and sweetened oats with strawberries.  

The choc muffin was truly nice. Soft, spongy and buttoned up generously with choc chips from the selection of freshly baked pastries and confectioneries which you can purchase at their cafe as well. Whereas oats with berries should be rated as okay.    
For the love of Western buffet breakfast, Ms Maud is where you should start when in Perth. The desserts and freshly baked pastries are the wonders, service can't be faulted, food is refilled as and when needed and the customers presumably are mostly travellers or people who stay at Miss Maud Hotel.  

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  1. The chocolate muffins look good! And I can certainly imagine them with a glass of OJ or cup of coffee!

  2. I love all the food in this restaurant!! Drooling over here!! :)

  3. Nice pictures Nava and the chocolate muffin sure look very tempting.
    Enjoy your week :)

  4. Food looks good over there. Would love to have a go at the muffins

  5. Amazing pictures, love the scrambled eggs and mushrooms

  6. Wow, a splendid review and i like all the shots, the lighting is perfect, it enhances the look of every food item out there.
    Also the coffee mug, my goodness!!!!! - I'm a coffee fanatic and i'm running out to have one now, your snap just triggered the caffeine clock in me :)

  7. Mmmm so much choice, how I love buffets :D
    Great account!

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. Wow! Loved the muffin.. Especially with the mug of coffee, it would be divine :-)


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