Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mango Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar) Sorbet

Phew!!! The current heat wave is really a killer. Certainly warrants for drinking gallons of water and taking cold shower. Using the air-con I guess is also significantly increasing our cost of living. Well, that is how its gonna be for the time being while we sincerely hope heavy rain drops will fall from the sky. Hot weather in return is when we yearn for a chill burst down our throat. Anything for the matter (Orange Fruity Sangria), what else can be a sheer pleasure except fruity desserts. However, we don't have to limit fruits for desserts only - (Thin Apple Pie), Mango (Mango Coconut Pudding & Mango Basmati Rice Pudding), let me give you options for savory dishes as well (Pineapple Salted Fish Curry & Salted Fish Mango Sambal).  

Additionally, nothing like the pleasure of using our local ingredients (Pandan Coconut Panna Cotta, Pandan Poached Pear & Coconut Mango Jelly). Sincerely affordable (Sago Gula Melaka, Dragon Fruit Coconut Jelly & White Fungus Gingko Nuts) and for this Mango Gula Melaka/Palm Sugar Sorbet (watermelon milk sorbet), you just need three ingredients. Three only please, this sorbet does represent our true punchy and no fancy frilly Malaysian flavours (Honeydew Sago Dessert). Just so slushy refreshing burst. 

1 large ripe mango
1 cup water
2 tbsp white sugar
3/4 cup palm sugar/gula Melaka
Remove skin and seed from mango.
Pulse the flesh for a thick puree and keep aside.
Simmer sugar (both types) with water for a thick syrup.
Cool it down and nicely stir with mango mixture.
Pour into a shallow tray.
Place in the freezer until 3/4 frozen.
Thereafter, add into a blender/food processor.
Blend until slushy.
Return to freezer and repeat the process 2 more times.
To serve, scrape sorbet with a spoon and pile into little bowls.
Optional - garnish with mint leaves.
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  1. Mm....I like it!!

    Yup agree with you. Too many gadget had become white elephant in my storeroom

  2. Looks very inviting dear.. Awesome colour :)

  3. This icy treat would definitely help me get through a heat wave! Looks delicious!

  4. Nava, looks so yummy!! :)

  5. This sounds great, lovely use for the palm sugar.

  6. I make the same too. Some days I use banana too.

    BTW, I love the a combination of mango, lemon and mint but do away with sugar. Will try it with palm sugar in my next batch.

  7. I love mangoes ! It looks so tempeting.Thanks for visiting and liking my post
    I have just started following you and it would be highly encouraging if you may follow me back.

  8. That is yummy Sorbet it has all my favorites are in there.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog...Loved your space...:)

  10. This looks great Recipe :)I am your 550 th follower yeahhhhh :)

  11. Nice cooler. Waiting for the mangoes to flood the market !

  12. Wonderful mango sorbet......looks so yummy..... Will try very soon...:-)

  13. This is an incredible recipe! I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog.. http://kitchenserenity.blogspot.in/

  14. Aha, yummy Sorbet! Look at the texture, very inviting. Also love the fact that there are only few ingredients required to make this recipe. Simplicity always wins!

  15. Thanks all you great people for the wondering comments.

  16. this recipe is new to me...looks great

  17. Hi Nava, First time visiting your blog. You have awesome collections of information. Love it. I know mango is in season now. Will definitely give a try to this yummy sorbet. Thanks for visiting my space.

  18. Love the look of that mango sorbet...very refreshing!

  19. Awesome comments and thanks a million.

  20. Very new to me.Love the colour of mint contrasting the mango.

  21. Sorbet with palm sugar is just awesome!! SO Healthy n refreshing :)

  22. One bowl for me awesome... I tasted it...


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