Thursday, April 25, 2013

Instant Asam Laksa

There is always an instant pick-up me noodle (Curry Chicken Noodles, Thai Salmon Noodle Soup, Shanghai Noodles & Prawn Mee) story in my house, especially after almost a full day of slogging at work in the name of earning a honest living, which in actual fact is a manipulation theory by our organisations. No matter how many hours we work, it is never enough for our bosses, in my line of work, mind you, I have to work from home as well. I am not complaining, but sometimes I wonder whether it is appreciated. For the time being, I shall go with the flow, and in such instances, I grab one of the stocked up instant noodles (Lamb Spinach Spaghetti & Thai Prawn Spaghetti).

Regardless of what have been said by the wise crack healthy freaks on instant noodles, I sometimes ignore their theories because these people really don't what it is like when you are critical for time. Anyway, between the different flavours (Prawn Mee Hoon Soup) of instant noodles, my favourite is either asam laksa (Asam Laksa 1 & Asam Laksa 2) or curry laksa (Prawn Curry Laksa). For this day's meal, I opted for asam laksa, and flavored it up alongside lemongrass (Lemongrass Prawn Mee) canned sardines, curry powder, birds eye chillies and a tinge of lemon juice.

2 packets asam laksa instant noodles
1 small can sardine - drain out the sauce
3 garlic - chopped
2 shallots - sliced thinly
1 lemongrass/serai - sliced thinly
1 tsp curry powder
1 tbsp oil
1 tsp sugar
Lime wedges

For ganishing
Spring onion - shredded
Red/birds eye chillies - sliced (optional)

Remove noodles from packet, quickly rinse with hot water.
Drain to discard water and keep aside.
Heat oil and sauté lemon grass, garlic and shallots.
Pour in about 3-4 cups of water.
Add seasoning that comes with the noodle.
Season with salt (if needed) and sugar
Simmer to heat through.
Add noodles and sardine.
Simmer to cook noodles.
Dish out and garnish with spring onion and chillies.
Squeeze lime juice before tucking in.
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  1. Instant laksa looks yummy. my search for lemongrass is still on in dubai

  2. This is a favorite meal in Bread Talk in Singapore. But i have never thought to make one @home. Will try your recipe soon.

  3. very colorful soup.. most of the ingredients used is really hard to get in chennai :(

  4. Pavithra - any kind of chili powder will do but I used the plain red chili.

  5. Looks so delicious specially red chilies.

  6. Wow! This looks yummy Nava :-)

  7. Instant? Wonderful! Useful for the fast pace life in Singapore. What brand do you use? I wonder if SG sells it.

    thanks =)

  8. Foodie - Mine is Maggie but I don't think the brand will make a difference.

    1. thanks!ok, we have that in SG too =)

  9. Hi Nava, i just had my lunch guess wat "Maagi". That shot is so gud. sometimes i find tat its okay to have noodles. ;-)

  10. you are a very creative Nava, I never thought that sardines can be coupled into the instant noodles ... thank you for this great idea has sparked ...:)

  11. Super delicious noodles,looks very colorful and lovely Nava...

  12. I also love to eat instant noodle and add egg inside together with either hotdog or fishballs. I also always try to find excuse not to eat mom's cooking too so can cook instant noodle. Hehehe. Even you claimed this dish as instant asam laksa, it seems like authentic asam laksa. =D

  13. colorful soup.. looks so delicious

  14. I do have instant Maggi noodles in my cupboard not for emergencies but for days when my daughter does not like to eat what I cook. I love how you have transformed instant noodles into a delicious curry looking dish.

  15. looks so scrumptious.btw why do you rinse the noodles any spl reason.

  16. Hi Meena,

    The rinsing is to remove the wax on the noodles, also for cleaning purpose.

  17. awesome clicks...i want to have it now :)

  18. Instant noodles are always a life savor! These looks divine!

  19. Very inviting photos. The contrasting colours and texture tempts anyone to spoon a little. Btw, instant noodles is there for a reason, right!

  20. Lovely! I am not an instant noodle fan per se but heck this is making me want to run off to 7-11 to buy some and cook immediately!

  21. OH ms.nava!! it's definately a must try for me!! i'm gonna make this someday i love asam laksa so much and yours instant laksa here makes my saliva running out now... :D too inviting... thank you for sharing the recipe :D

  22. Wow, what a treat for junk food lovers, boosted with the all time favourite lemon grass (which is healthy BTW, so who says this is not a healthy dish ha..ha.)spring onions etc and also that lime wedge always adds a touch of class.

  23. i like...usually i put a lot of onions

  24. never had the idea to include sardine into it...sounds so delicious!!

  25. I am a huge noodle fan, I like it from scratch, instant, any which way....your's is making me crave soupy noodles right now. It has to be noodles tonight for dinner :-)

  26. Hi Nava, great ideas of using sardine and instant noodle. Thanks for sharing. Yours look awesome.

    Best regards.

  27. So colorful the garnish looks, lemon grass must be enhancing the flavor of the noodles with the dash of the sardine.

  28. Laksa is definitely one of my favourite dishes ever :D


  29. I hardly eat instant but this look so yummy! I nk dtg mkn hehe

  30. Reading about this for the very first time!!
    Loved it..


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