Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Calypso Cabaret Show - Bangkok (Thailand)

Back to the hotel after touring Ayutthaya (River Sun Cruise), I didn't want to stay lock-put in my room (Pathumwan Princess). So, I went back to the travel agent and enquired what else can I do for the rest of the day. Seemingly, the calypso cabaret show was the only thing, I paid, went up to the room to rest and shower, at about 7pm, hopped into the van. The traffic jam on this day was unbelievably crazy but  the driver surely had the skill to zoom in and out to make it on time for the show. 

Into the theatre, I sat in the middle row and opted for a soft drink instead of a can of beer. Soon, within the next few minutes, the lights went down before the start to the incredibly entertaining show. Truly talented lady boys, great choreography and fantastic dance movements with stunning revealing costumes, I was totally glued to the stage though some sketches were a little boring. Still, overall fun, funky, cheeky and kept me on the toe till the end, I was back to the hotel by 11.30pm. Should there be another trip to Bangkok in the future, honestly I won't mind another of this or similar showtime Calypso Cabaret Show.   

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  1. How do I get there? how much is it?

    Many thanks!

  2. Foodie - The tour agent in Pathumwan made the arrangements. It was RM200 inclusive of transport.

  3. Attended a similar one in Phuket. The lady boys are certainly very pretty!

  4. Haha that sounds like so much fun to attend :D



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