Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Calypso Cabaret Show - Bangkok (Thailand)

Into the van, sharp on the dot, 7.30pm (Au Boon Pain MBK Mall & River Sun Cruise) from Pathumwan Princess, I greeted the rest of the Westerners, assumingly from other hotels, who were I guess heading for the same Calypso Cabaret Show. Thereafter, nightmare started. Zooming and vrooming in and out of the busy as ever Bangkok streets. Hell ride, mind you, but I knew that I will be save. After all, by now, I am already accustomed to heroic Bangkok drivers. Leave them alone. They have one of the best skills in the world for driving through traffic jam. Of course, I must include our Malaysian drivers, blame it on years of battling, fighting and gun shooting traffic. 

I was calm, yet I kept watching the time. I was concern if we will make it on time for Calypso Cabaret Show. My concern was also shared by the Caucasian healthy lady, seated beside me. She was, oh-my, all dressed up. As though she is gonna take center stage at the show. Glittering blue dress, glittering blue flower on her hair, glittering blue shoes and handbag. All about glittering blue. Nice friendly lady. She told me that this is her fifth time in Bangkok alone. Respect her. While on our way, my other half-half had to call. He panicked when I told him I am on my way for cabaret show. Wonder what rang his mind? He kept telling me to be careful, maybe he thought I am going for "Tiger Show". I had to calm him down, I told him that its only cabaret show. He still was apprehensive, and since everyone in the van started giggling after over hearing our conversation, you know how loud I am, I had to say bye to my other half-half.

Upon arrival, I quickly took a leak, I quickly went into the theatre and sat between, I thought I am in a Western country. I was surrounded by mostly Caucasians and instead of opting for beer, I was contented with a soft drink. Soon, tadaa! Calypso Cabaret Show shined through. Fun, laughter, happiness, sleazy and cheeky, what an incredible entertaining show. Truly talented lady boys, great choreography, fantastic dance movements, glitz and glam, stunning, revealing costumes. I was totally glued to the stage though some sketches were a little boring. Still, overall, worth my money, Calypso Cabaret Show kept me on my toe till the end. Wow-Pow. If at all I am in Bangkok again, honestly I won't mind the return of this or another similar eye popping Cabaret Show. How about tiger show, are you asking me now? You tell me. Should I?

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  1. How do I get there? how much is it?

    Many thanks!

  2. Foodie - The tour agent in Pathumwan made the arrangements. It was RM200 inclusive of transport.

  3. Attended a similar one in Phuket. The lady boys are certainly very pretty!

  4. Haha that sounds like so much fun to attend :D



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