Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel

Over the years, I have slowly cut down on make-up. Not to say I don't use make-up anymore, I still do. However, no more painting like a doll, I stick to the basics like lip-gloss, lipstick and face powder. More importantly, I prefer to invest on skin care (La Colline Cellular Eye Mask & Shu Uemura Whitening Emulsion) so that my skin is, instead of saying well kept, I should say properly maintained. Curling my lashes with mascara has also taken a back-step, although I yearn for uplifted curls. Not possible naturally I know, thus, I didn't mind paying for this Brow & Lash Gel simultaneously with Vitamin C Reviving Duo,  

Deemed as a dual purpose product to hold eyebrows in place and to define natural lashes, to apply this gel, I curl my lashes, of course with eye lash curler,  then I wriggle the wand back and forth in the tube to pick up the gel prior to swiping it over my lashes. A single coat really does not make much difference for uplifting my lashes, so I apply at least another coat.  
For special occasions, I use this gel as a base/under coat for mascara. Because of that, this colorless and odorless gel is now brownish-black, definitely turn-off each time I apply it, I'll now share with all you beauties on the beauty side as well as the beast side of Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel.

The beauty side
Does not irritate neither tear me up.    
Non-shiny formula which settles well for a natural look. 
Does define and slightly shape my lashes, perhaps because I curl them before applying.
Dermatologically and opthalmoloigcally tested.
Cruelty free akin their every other product.
Reasonably priced.

The beast side
Does not hold for long - just maybe 3 hours the most. 
Its sticky formula will take a while to dry upon contact with lashes.
Does not lengthen neither thicken lashes.
Its plastic packaging with a metal cap and rim will rub away to leave patchy plastic behind. 
To a certain extent, Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel, why would I want to bluff, it does enhance my lashes, but to say I  won't depart from it is not a honest opinion. In fact, I think I should go for another product which can hold my lashes for a longer period of time. 

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  1. Such a lovely product,Nava! Wonderful write-up! :)

  2. Nice to know something new. I am never in to makeup so don't no anything. Nice write up, i am learning a lot of new things...
    thanks Nava...

  3. This looks like a great product. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. Confession...I am petrified to use a lash curler! And it does not help that I have short lashes.

    Will check out the lash gel. I wonder whether its OK for me to use it as is. I avoid mascaras unless I absolutely have too because it always smears making me look like a panda. Not a product fault..I just have a habit of rubbing my eyes:P

  5. You write very well Nava I need to find that gel.

  6. You know what my daughter is into all these cosmetics, just the opposite of me. She is a die hard fan of cosmetics. Will ask her to visit you here.

  7. well done.

    I know about curler but didnt know there is gel for eyelashes too

  8. Nice review ! Now I have to find this gel!

  9. Seems like a great product Nava.. Will definitely check out the lash gel :-)

  10. I always have a soft corner for Body Shop products..They behave exactly as it is said on the back of the product :) I was searching for a good mascara as the Maybelline one I am using now clumps up my lashes as u said.. Thanks for the review Nava :)

  11. Tks for ur review...useful indeed. Wil check it out

  12. I never heard about this one, sounds really nice! :)

  13. Well written Nava. Somehow Bodyshop is a sucker when it comes to their lip and eye range in my opinion. Their Skin care products like butter, lotions and spa salts are better than these. probably they have to keep up with competitors. nevertheless, I would definitely choose their products in all ranges over the others.


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