Monday, March 4, 2013

Wat Na Phramen & Wat Lokayasutharam ( Ayutthaya) Thailand

Ban-Pa-In PalaceWat Mahathat and next was Wat Na Phramen. A small interesting temple located at the river of Lopburi side, constructed in the late-Ayutthaya-period architecture style. Wat Na Phramen is the only temple in Ayutthaya city that was not destroyed by the war, the covered with gold leaf crowned Buddha measuring 6m high and 4.50m in width across the lap in the ordination hall is the largest, most beautiful and the most important Buddha image. Ordination hall has no windows like all temples erected in the Ayutthaya period. Instead, it has several small openings on the walls with carved stone bars for ventilation. Opposite the hall is a covered area with deities statues, including a large statue of "Nine-Faced" Buddha. The small vihara/sermon hall to the right contains fading wall murals and Phra Khantharat Buddha image - a Gupta style sculpture craved in green stone. Sculpture is believed to be dated from 707-757AD, measuring three times of normal human size.

From Wat Na Phramen, we then journeyed to Wat Lokaysutharam where the largest reclining Buddha image (32m long, 8m high) in Ayutthaya, Phra Buddha Saiyat, is enshrined. At present, there is no vihara to shelter the image and it has been said that in the past the vihara roof was made of tin. 

By now, officially the Ayutthaya tour has ended and next - River Sun Cruise.

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  1. its pity the mural is day it will be gone if no restorative action taken

  2. Sadly the reclining Buddha does not seem to be well maintained:(

  3. What a stunning temple my friend, so much culture :D



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