Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vegetable Korma Curry

It depends, really it does between the mutton kurma with ready made kurma powder or the vegetable kurma with blended spices for the thick Indian curry. And today, indeed another option and another vegetable korma. To begin, ground/blend the ingredients for the gravy/curry, then cut up the vegetables and finally, made this delicious colourful attractive korma.  

To ground/blend
4 garlic
1/2 inch ginger
1 tbsp kas-kas/poppy seeds
2 tbsp grated coconut (can also use dessicated coconut)
3 green chillies
1 red chilli

10 long beans - cut into 1 inch length
1 medium size carrot - remove skin and cut into medium size pieces
3 medium size potatoes - cut into medium size pieces (with or without the skin)
1/4 cabbage - cut into medium size pieces

1 large onion - sliced
1 1/2 tsp turmeric/kunyit powder
1 tbsp lime juice (or per taste)
2-3 sprigs curry leaves - sliced/shredded
3 tbsp oil
Salt for taste

When oil is heated, sauté onion.
Add blended/grounded ingredients.
Continue to fry until oil splits.
Add carrot, potatoes and turmeric powder.
Stir for 1-2 mins.
Pour 3/4 litre of water and season with salt.
Stir and simmer so that carrot and potatoes are 3/4 tender.
Now add, cabbage, long beans, curry leaves and lime juice.
Stir and simmer to heat through and to soften veggies.
Remove from heat or dish out.
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  1. this reminds me of a certain thai dish - green curry!

  2. Your last post on Google+ was showing mutton bone marrow curry. I thought that was your recent one.
    I love vegetables and specially the green color in the dish. This looks quite different from the korma curry that I have tried and cooked.Something I should try.

  3. That is yummy korma curry Nava, I love to try for my appam.

  4. Your chicken curry dish was satisfyingly full flavoured and totally fulfilling to the taste bud, so I'm sure the vegetarian dish will not disappoint as well, with your creative touch.

  5. Your curry looks good . I like it with a lot of kacang panjang. they taste nicer

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  7. Thats an awesome looking curry and so easy to make :)

  8. I am simply loving the colour of the curry...looks so yum


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