Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Taj Mahal Restaurant (Northbridge, Perth) - Australia

Been a good day mate. In fact, started off fantastically at Mandurah Cruise and Kings Park. Thereafter back to the hotel to shower (Miss Maud Hotel) and the long walk to Northbridge. Indeed quite a walk I must say but suppose when you walk while looking around and chatting with friends, tiredness you shoo away. But unanimously agreeing where to dine was a little complicated. Well, with seven different characters from different walks of life, what can you expect? Anyway, time we were battling against since it was way past food time, thus, didn't really matter if everyone agreed, we walked into Taj Mahal.
Certainly wasn't a good thing because packed to the rim the restaurant, it was the waiting game for the table and service.  Patience ran out until service was forced to our table. Quickly one friend took charge of ordering and back to square one - wait again!! Finally the dishes came by and immediately we tucked into the cumin rice,
Cumin Kashmiri rice
Plain Naan, Garlic Naan and Cheese Naan

Chicken Jai Frezi
Malai Kofta
 Saag Paneer
Aloo Gobi and because of hunger, Lamb Rogan Josh and Prawn Malai Kurma completely wiped off before I took pictures.

Taste-wise, food was excellently excellent. One word to describe - delicious!! Flavorful, cooked without stinging on the ingredients especially the spices, curries were thick and creamy, succulent meat and most importantly, cooked with love. Price of course not cheap (AUS158.50) and you know what, I was still hungry. But due to the crawling service, I knew no point standing around and waiting. Anyway, since we have to walk back to the hotel, we thought of stopping by elsewhere. Perhaps some desserts or whatever before snooze time.

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  1. i also dont like to wait long for food ....

  2. Sorry that you had to wait long...although the food looks great.
    Hope you are having a fun week Nava :)

  3. The food looks fantastic! If I find a place I truly love and I know it takes a while to get the order, I plan to go when I am not in a rush, or don't mind waiting. As long as I have an appetizer or plenty to drink, I'm fine. Sometimes it's worth it.

  4. No thanx to long waits unless there is something to nibble while waiting:D


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