Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reunification Palace - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Part 2)

Visiting this palace (Reunification Palace Part I) was like walking back in time to what could have transpired during the Vietnam, though I can only remember the stories shared by my late grandfathers. As I grew up, I knew one single fact about the war. The war caused over a million casualties whereas the suffering is still endured until today. Painful indeed!!  Now that I was on the third floor of the palace, I had a bigger picture after looking at the pictures and reading about the early chronicles of Vietnam’s political history and what triggered the war.

At the third floor, I walked through the kitchen and then saw the previous cars of the President.

Don't ask how from the third floor I came back to basement. Remember I told you in Part 1 that it was quite confusing going from one floor to the other and from one section to the other?? So I was at the basement where my heart pumped faster as I felt  I've gone back to the war time zone seeing the war command room with its huge maps, old communications equipment,vintage phones and ancient radios. 

Finally I made my way to the upper floors. Yes, I climbed up the staircase to see the war relics and many photos of US soldiers and personal dashing for the departing helicopters during the Fall of Saigon. Finally a great view of the city from the outdoor deck before returning all the down back to the entrance.

Reunification Palace is a must visit if you appreciate history and to know about the Vietnam war. At least 1 1/2 hours so that you don't rush and can be tiring. Not so much of walking but climbing the staircase. As I've said, I think I broke the record of going up and down a number of times. The signboards are there but its possible to lose the direction in this 5 storey quite huge palace.

Next change: War Remnants Museum.

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  1. Good morning ms.nava K how are you...?? i just come online my blog got hacked, and thank good i got it back after reporting to google. :D

    The pictures above really something, i wish i can visit this kind of places someday.. You have a nice day ahead ya, and take care always. :)

  2. Such a lovely post!! :)

  3. Nice pictures Nava...and I am glad that you are sharing all this awesome picture :)

  4. Nice! Did u go to the chichi tunnel? Tried once & it was fun tho' almost got stuck inside. Lol!

  5. Awesome post! Its almost like being there on my very own. Am sure many readers share the same thoughts:D


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