Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reunification Palace - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Part 1)

Upon arrival in Ho Chi Minh on the first day, we checked into Liberty Hotel, thereafter two hours at Ban Thanh Market, then the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Show, dinner at Quan Ngon 138 restaurant and back to the hotel. The next morning before journeying to the next destination, we had a couple of stops in the city. Starting at "Reunification Palace", formerly known as Independence Palace, we walked into the huge compound where there are vintage cannons and the war tanks that were driven through the gates of the palace when Vietnam war officially ended.


Later, we walked towards the surrounded by beautiful landscape five storey majestic Reunification Palace. An outstanding example of 1960s architecture with an airy and open atmosphere and noted for its symbolic role in the fall of Saigon in 30 April, 1975, this palace was also the home and workplace of South Vietnam's President during the Vietnam War.    
Designed by Paris-trained Vietnamese architect Ngo Viet Thu and built on the site of the former Norodom Palace, inside the palace you will see a series of rooms - private quarters, dining rooms, entertainment lounges, the president's office convention halls, entertainment room, meeting room, war room, ballroom and guest lodge. Indeed, a huge palace and if you don't follow the signs, changes are you will be going round and round in circles, and you may end up in a quiet corner all by itself. Rather eerie that can be, thus, best to tack along with the rest of the tourists or stick with your tour group and friends. True enough, after walking up and down along the quiet corridors, I actually couldn't figure out where I was until it took some time to regain my composure.  

Alright, more will follow in Part 2.

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  1. Glad you posted pictures.I visited this palace 4 years back but had lost all my pictures! Its a nice revisit for me now by reading your post! THANX!!!

  2. So much history to see my friend :D


  3. only one hour? surely not enough to observe all the art and everything inside there...for example, i would have love to see more closely of the big painitng in the 12th photo

  4. I've been there only once on a biz trip; this certainly brings back memory.

  5. The Hindu temple is a surprise,who prays there,Indian or Vietnamese?


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