Saturday, March 9, 2013

Restoran Sari Ratu ( Kota Damansara)

Very seldom, seldom the long journey to Kota Damansara but as we were on the way to another area and passing by here, we stopped by for hunger. Parking here is a nightmare, what more during the peak lunch time. So, round and round we went until we realised that there's ample basement in the one of the buildings. From there, we walked and with hunger calling so close, at once without thinking twice to Sari Ratu.

Featuring the ready prepared dishes for lunch time, I thought these will be easiest and quickest and after choosing the dishes, I returned to the outside dining area instead of sitting at the inside air-conditioned area. 

Dishes came all at once and for the rice, we had fried spicy potato chips, sambal hijau/green sambal, ayam goreng berempah/spicy fried chicken, sayur campur/mixed vegetables, sayur pakis and a plain fish gravy. 

Tasty authentic Indonesian dishes, the fried chicken was a perfection, the sambal hijau kicked in the spiciness, the vegetables/sayur campur quite unique in taste, the potato chips crispy fried and the curry was not too bad. To thirst quench, my lunch partner sipped the fresh orange juice while the thick avocado juice swirled with chocolate I thought was something different and my first time experience. 

And as we about to call for the bill, it started raining, so we had hot milk tea, waited for a while and then back to the car park. 
For two person,  it was a pricey meal (RM57.10). To return again, I will think twice or perhaps better to meal at Indonesian hawker stalls.  

47-1GF, Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara
Tel: 03-61416165

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  1. I love to try that avocado drink, it looks perfect. Nava you are great restaurant reviewer.

  2. Thank you for another delicious review my friend, it looks brilliant :D


  3. You're right about the avocado drink, waste not want not as the saying goes. The hot milk tea looks good though (so does the avocado drink, although knowing that it's warm is kind of offputting, as you said).

  4. Gosh...that's quite a costly meal. I suspect the drinks must have been the major bomb?

  5. that area is a confusing area. so many one way street and every few months they change the directions


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