Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Honeydew Sago Dessert

They say: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". Mmmm!!! Well, even if life doesn't give you honeydew melon, you can still buy and make a delicious dessert from it. For me, it isn't about cracking my head, copying other people's fabulous dessert recipes neither about an over-the-top dessert. Remember; smartness is a way of life whereby you don't have to sweat profusely in the kitchen for a dessert everyone will love and enjoy.

A short notice and my family was at my door. Ahh! you know how you can't refuse or say not to to your family when they come over by giving a short notice. Within time, I managed with the ingredients always stocked up at home.
fried rice and
fried chicken.   

Usually I'm the person who go out to buy ingredients but on this particular day, I had no choice but to ask my other half to buy a medium size honeydew melon from our regular grocer. Nope; he isn't the best person to do such things yet he was forced to.

Ohhh!! I was glad; the melon was ripe enough to be cubed. And the rest; sago simmered/cooked till translucent,corn syrup (alternatively sugar syrup), and a jug fresh coconut milk; chilled in the fridge and generously poured in the glass to assemble the dessert 
Ingredients (estimates)
1/2 honeydew melon - remove seeds and skin;  diced or cubed into pieces.
1 small packet of sago - soaked for 1/2 hour.
Corn syrup/sugar syrup (can also use brown sugar syrup)
Coconut milk or carton milk
Ice cubes (optional)

Simmer sago in a pot of water while stirring. When sago becomes translucent, drain and rinse under running water.
Assemble the dessert by adding melon, sago and corn syrup into a serving glass or bowl.
Pour chilled milk over and serve.
Optional; drop in a few ice cubes.
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  1. hi nava, looks pretty cool and delicious

  2. One of my fave desserts, What's your tip for cooking sago and not have them sticking to each other in clumps? I always have that problem. Still edible but not pretty!

  3. Sounds like a fun get-together, made perfect by the delicious fried chicken, appetizing fried rice and enticing, cool dessert. Adults too will love it.

  4. i think i need such soothing dessert badly! the weather is killing me :(

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  5. Nice fruit and sago combination. Refreshing.

  6. This is truly an awesome one. thanks for sharing this idea

  7. Looks so refreshing and flavorful..

  8. Delicious dessert....... Looks super yumm!!


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