Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Honeydew Sago Dessert

They say: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". Mmmm!!! Well, even if life doesn't give you honeydew melon, you can still buy and make a dessert. As usual my motto for sweet stuffs isn't about cracking my head, copying other people's fabulous recipes or sweating for hours to produce something to impress people. I am always on the go. That means whipping up desserts with ingredients I have stocked up.

In between my busy schedule, my family gave a short notice to visit us. I couldn't say no because its not always they come over. Yet preparing a meal for the six of them was quite a mission. Fried rice is their favourite and that sort of took care of the main.
Nothing can go wrong with fried chicken for kids 
Since we all don't like fancy desserts, I made this fruity Malaysian style punch with honeydew melon, sago and coconut milk  - ideal for the hot weather and to cool our body, mind and soul. Previously I have also baked a cake with the fruit. Interested?? - here's the recipe for Honeydew Melon Cake
Ingredients (estimates)
1/2 honeydew melon - remove seeds and skin;  dice or cube into pieces.
1 small packet of sago - soaked for 1/2 hour and rinsed under running water.
Corn syrup/sugar syrup (can also use brown sugar syrup)
Coconut milk or carton milk (warm or chilled)
Ice cubes (optional)

Simmer a pot of water till boiling point.
Add sago. Gently stir till translucent.
Drain and rinse under running water.
Assemble with melon and corn/sugar syrup in a bowl or tall glass. .
Pour milk and serve either at room temperature with ice cubes.
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  1. hi nava, looks pretty cool and delicious

  2. One of my fave desserts, What's your tip for cooking sago and not have them sticking to each other in clumps? I always have that problem. Still edible but not pretty!

  3. Sounds like a fun get-together, made perfect by the delicious fried chicken, appetizing fried rice and enticing, cool dessert. Adults too will love it.

  4. i think i need such soothing dessert badly! the weather is killing me :(

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  5. Nice fruit and sago combination. Refreshing.

  6. This is truly an awesome one. thanks for sharing this idea

  7. Looks so refreshing and flavorful..

  8. Delicious dessert....... Looks super yumm!!

  9. Such a delicious dessert.. The fried rice and chicken too looks fantastic..


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