Monday, March 25, 2013

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant - USJ Taipan, Subang Jaya

Taipan surely is a familiar ground because I am here at least once a month for some reason or rather. On this day, to meet up and lunch with the male friend. The friend can be considered a foodie but not all that exposed like me. So, it took a while to convince him that Korean food is worth the try and there's pretty much various choices of dishes. Still then, he was unsure. But looking at that I was adamant, he tacked along and via the lift, we went up to Daorae after the peak lunch time (say around 2.15pm). 

Spacious and neat, the ambiance is a pretty sight and the concept, similar to Da Sa Rang to opt between the bbq, the set meals and the individual dishes. Upon ordering the dolsot-bibim-bap, soon-dubu-jjigae and sam-gye-tang. the instant service started with the herbal tea and side dishes. 
The little side dishes (mit bachan - always the foundation for Korean meals) the friend was totally impressed with, Well, his first Korean meal. Colourful and appetizing and between the items (kimchi, veggies, tofu etc etc), kimchi always my favourite and the other was the succulent cockles in spicy-salty-tangy tad bit of sauce whereas the friend loved the healthiness of the veggies and tofu.    

The three mains arrived thereafter. Vegetarian bibimbap in the ceramic bowl filled with hot white rice, various veggies including the seaweed, Korean chilli sauce and a raw egg atop. All mixed together by the staff, we eat the loveable meal and for a vegetarian version, fared really good. 

Equally pleasing for its fiery, spicy and deep flavours was the "soon-dubu-jjigae"/Korean stew consisting of Kimchi, veggies and custardy tofu.
Polishing off every bit of the soup, the "sam-gye-tang" (chicken soup with rice, garlic, scallion and Korean ginseng) we struggled with since a hearty portion of rice was also part of the meal. Also, the smell of the ginseng and chicken was somewhat strong. I couldn't eat neither could the friend. Regrettable that the whole portion was left behind. 
RM74.80 I wouldn't consider reasonable and for two people, the three dishes such a waste as portions are quite big. That said, the meal was overall satisfactory and I won't mind returning again with a bigger group of friends. 
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  1. Awesome pics.. Am drooling over it :)
    Maybe some day I get a chance to dine in a Korean eatery :)

  2. Looks delicious Nava, especially the side dishes...
    Enjoy your week my dear :)

  3. Lovely post and I love the food served in this restaurant!! :)

  4. The soon-dubu-jjigae look fiery good!

  5. i have been to the Kota Damansara's branch before.


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