Thursday, March 28, 2013

Curry Leaf & Cashew Nut Rice

Curry leaves! Oh, I just so love the scent of curry leaves. Awesome scent (Indian Masala Chicken Curry & Vegetable Kurma). Then again, we don't have to limit ourselves to curry leaves alone (Curry Leaves Grilled Salmon & Curry Leaves Fried Mee Hoon). There's pretty much other local as well those herbs we struggle to grow on our Malaysian ground (Basil Dried Prawn PasteButter Basil Prawn & Rosemary Cheesy Potatoes). However, curry leaves are essentially the choice for if not all, most of the Indian savory dishes. And for the first time ever, I actually use the leaves for a rice dish. Yes, Believe it, see it, make it, and please enjoy it.  

Idea was mooted after a small time talk with my colleague who have tasted curry leaves rice a couple of time though she couldn't really tell me how to make. Never mind. No problem for me. You know me right? Quite a professor in the kitchen, so, I figured it out myself and so I made it effortless in the rice cooker. Honestly, I can't be bothered with cooking rice dish in pressure cooker because it can easily be made in rice cooker. So, why bother? Of course, Indian bloggers from India just so love their pressure cookers, only god knows for whatever reason it may, we shall however stick through thick and thin with nava-k. Believe her please, she won't let you down on literally anything, including this Curry Leaf Cashew Nut Rice. Rice (Kampung Fried Rice, Cumin Rice & Ghee Almond Rice) accentuated with curry leaves, ghee and cashew nuts. 

Also, you must continue believing in her because right now she is gonna let you pick your choices of dishes for teaming this rice dish. Let's go - Banana Leaf Grilled MackerelLong Beans And Pra wns Coconut Sauce, Chilli Coriander Steamed Fish, Chilli Chicken Raisins, Fish Chilli Lime, Curried Lemongrass Fish, Grilled Spicy Prawns, Prawn Fritters Prawn Cabbage Lemongrass Coconut Gravy). Now comes the vegetarian selection - Cucumber Yogurt Salad, Dhal Bitter Gourd Curry, Spicy Chickpea Long Beans, Hot Masala Lentil Soup, Purple Cabbage Stir Fried, Vegetable Green Curry & Aloo Gobi. Enjoy your meal everyone. Bye!

3 cup Basmati rice - rinse & drain off excess water
6 sprigs curry leaves - shredded
1/2 cup cashew nuts - break into two pieces
2 tbsp ghee
Salt for taste
Water as needed
Heat ghee and fry nuts till cripsy and golden brown.
Remove and keep aside.
Put in curry leaves.
When leaves start to splatter, add rice.
Stir and fry for a couple of minutes.
Scoop out, tip into rice cooker and add water (about 4 1/2 cups or as normal measurement).
Season with salt, stir and let it cook.
Once done, fluff up rice.
Before serving, combine in fried cashew nuts.
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  1. Wow.. that must be xtremely flavorful & yummy.. First time hearing of this dish.. Lovely pics :)

  2. Wow...cashew but rice looks rice & gorgeous.... :-)

  3. Delish rice!

  4. I luv cashew pulao from Vasantha bavan..this looks very similar

  5. Adorable click,i like the probs,one simple dish ,deliciously made.

  6. u mean to fry the rice grain, after that put it into the rice cooker to cook?

  7. That is really yummy rice love the combo of curry leaf and cashew nuts.

  8. Its so good that I will happily eat this on its own! Will certainly try this out but will replace the cashews with another nut as cashew isn't recommended for those of us with sensitive skin.

  9. Lovely looking rice my friend :D


  10. Thanks a lot all you lovely people for the lovely comments.
    Foodie - yes, to fry the rice, to ensure that the rice remains grainy and does not stick to the others after cooking

  11. I've used curry leaves in a lot of my cooking, but never in rice! Why haven't I thought of that?? Nice!

  12. I love this recipe very much,can't wait to try :)

  13. Another drooling recipe you have here ms.nava!! thank you for sharing. Happy weekend to you and your family. :)

  14. Delicious rice... Loved it :-)

  15. love basmati recipes. Nice have a very nice blog

  16. Just a simple and flavorsome rice. Love it. Adding cashew is a great idea. You know, even I love deconstructing the recipes, where ever I eat, I have this habit of finding what is in it!

  17. Wow this looks really great and really inviting. I feel like want to have this rice now. :) beautiful clicks.

  18. Woaahh !! very well presented post. I d ont usually add cashews in rice, since that makes it even denser but after reading this i think i will give it a try

    glad to follow you :)

  19. Crunchy cashew nuts and the tantalisingly aromatic curry leaves makes this rice dish an exotic treat

  20. I like adding delicious crunch to the rice these is a great way by adding cashew yum. Hi doll your blog does not come up on bloglovin.

  21. Such a simple rice preparation! I love your presentation


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