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Coriander Leaves Rasam (Tangy Peppery Indian Soup)

Rasam basically is the watery, tangy and peppery Indian soup. I can't keep tab on the number of rasam recipes I have shared before. Just like how we can't let go of rice, rasam is the same. We never and I don't think we will ever forsake rasam. After all rasam has the medley of flavors we adore - the tangy, peppery and aromatic burst. Whether I prepare rasam from  scratch or use the readymade rasam powder, depends on time factor. Balancing work and managing my home affairs can be stressful yet I enjoy cooking. Also a simple meal at home is way better than eating out all the time. 

As a matter of fact, the readymade rasam powder is good. Among the brands of powder available, Baba's in my opinion is the best. All of the needed ingredients are already incorporated in the powder, which means you need less ingredients on hand to prepare rasam.(For an original rasam recipe, read at at Lemon Rasam).
I ensure that I have a stand by packet at home because it comes in handy because I don't know when I may need it. That said, I don't repeat my rasam recipe exactly as it was previously. There will be some twist and turn for a new version. 

For this version, I gave up curry leaves which are commonly used. I added a generous amount of coriander leaves as well as spring onions. The rest of the ingredients were somewhat the same. The citrus tone of coriander leaves and the sharp snappy tones of spring onions married well with the tangy and peppery basic flavors of rasam.  

1 1/2 tbsp Baba's rasam powder (use more if you like)
2 medium size tomatoes - chopped 
4 shallots - crushed
5 garlic - crushed 
3-4 pieces dried red chilies
1 small bunch coriander leaves (sliced)
2 sprigs spring onions - cut into 1/2 inch length (separate the lower white part from the green)
1 tsp black mustard seeds
1 tbsp tamarind juice
3 tbsp oil
Salt for taste
Heat oil and when heated, saute garlic and shallots.
Add powder, chilies, mustard seeds, tomato, half of the chopped coriander and white part of spring onion.
Stir all in for about 3-4 mins for a mushy paste. 
Pour 1/2 liter of water and tamarind juice, also add salt for taste.
Simmer over low heat until soup is heated through.
Stir in the green part of spring onion and the remaining coriander leaves.
Remove from heat. 
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  1. Lovely rasam,Nava!! Wonderful snaps!!

  2. Beautiful & delicious looking soup.just a bowl of rice needed to complete the meal.

  3. Yummy rasam.. Me too.. Couldn't live without it for even a single day years ago.. But now have changed to weekly :)

  4. I love the seasoning my friend :D


  5. I just make one with toor daal but I want to try some more. They are really delicious with their tangy and spicy taste.

  6. to be frank, I have never heard of such a soup before. Your post has made me curious about this! Is it similar to the peppery version bak kut teh (pork rib) soup?

  7. I just saw the pic of rasam in your G+, and ran straight to your blog to get a good glimpse :-).
    This is how my aunt and granny makes. My goodness, looks just perfect. Rasam has always been a staple at home and a mood-lifter for me.


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