Saturday, March 30, 2013

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant (Telok Gong, Klang)

My last food venture to coconut flower was way behind in 30 May, 2011. Thus, when my gang suggested this restaurant again, I didn't mind. So, we car pooled and journeyed from Shah Alam to arrive at about 7.30pm at this quite a popular seafood eatery. Unlike how the eatery used to be, now it has been upgraded in the sense that the ambiance is way cleaner, bigger and served by the foreign workers. After taking up the empty table. while nibbling on the crackers, we ordered the dishes and Chinese tea has to be the drink for a Chinese seafood meal. 

To begin with, we had fried soft pieces of tofu accompanied with cucumber slices, mayonnaise and chili sauce. By itself, it was a simple dish but upon rolling the tofu into the dips/sauce, it was a nice dish to keep the tummy warm before the rest of dishes arrived quite so soon one after the other.   
The next was the stir fried sawi (mustard leaves) stir fried with garlic. Always the must order, the glossy crunchy sawi can be rated as okay. The crispy fried sotong was the other loved for the crackling crunch and munch just like that or after lathering with a little bit of the chilli sauce.  

Then arrived the Lala Bihun, Chili Crabs and Salted Egg Crabs. Quite a hearty portion, bihun fried with cabbage, garlic and lala, topped with spring onion was tasty and easily chewed whereas the chili crabs was not as spicy as I expected though crabs were fleshy and fresh and the salted egg crabs, that bit of saltiness from the eggs and just so that spicy as well.  

As these dishes were filling enough for the eight of us, the plates of rice we called for were kept aside. Also, biting, nibbling and chewing the crabs seemed what we preferred. The dishes we thought were tastefully prepared but some of them were cold, as though made in advance and brought over to the table when ordered. Paying RM132.30 however seemed reasonable and before leaving, we decided that we should return again to try other dishes featured on their menu. 

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  1. LOL...been there. Love the food there. Lunch time they even give complimentary soup.

  2. What a feast! I love crabs! The salted egg version looks mouth watering. And the best part is after tt, you can lick all the salted egg off your hands =P

  3. Nava,I can see that u are a seafood lover ,I love the crabs too in spite of being messy I just cannot resist digging in.Egg coated that looks interesting to me.

  4. Its myfav too...salted egg crab...teluk gong is our fav spot for good seafood


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