Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Body Shop Vitamin C Reviver Duo (Eye Care Product)

Quite a pro I am with eye products because I have tried and tested a whole lot of different brands mainly for my dark circles. Some of those products worked whereas others were only promises by the brands. Most eye creams I vouch keeps away lines and nourishes the eyes but when dark circles are a concern, sad to say, I have yet to discover a magical eye product. Expecting eye products to drastically lighten my dark circles perhaps I shouldn't but the satisfaction will be one which lightens them at least by 30 to 40%. Still, I have not stopped caring for eyes and I also always have a stand by eye cream in case the one I am using finishes off .   

Having said that, with my busy work schedule, I didn't realise that I didn't stock up an eye cream and when the current one was to the last bit, I put everything aside and quickly dashed into Body Shop, the first beauty store I passed by. Within 10 minutes after being told that this Vitamin C reviver Duo is one of the best for dark circles, how can I possibly not buy.

A two-in-one complete eye care solution with a roll-on gel serum on one end to tighten and refresh and a cream applicator on the opposite, this eye product promises to also moisturise with its formula containing Amazonian camu camu berry and the light reflecting particles helps to illuminate the skin. 
To use, gently roll the roller ball under the eye area for the serum to flow out and to conceal your eyes, then with the wand, dot the cream and gently tap in.  

My take on this vitamin c duo. 
The citrusy serum smells heavenly and when applied under the eye, it is refreshing and cooling, However the serum does not flow consistently when the roll ball is rolled, sometimes you get more and sometimes the least. So, you got to shake the tube or push in the ball with a little pressure. That pretty much is also the reason why I sometimes have to tap the serum instead of keep rolling and pulling the delicate skin which may contribute to fine lines.  

The wand on the other hand is to pick up the cream and not to apply under the eye. You may have to wriggle the wand into the tube and by doing so, it picks up more than enough of the cream. So, instead of applying more, use your fingers to take sufficient amount and gently apply around your eye contour. The cream by itself is a plus point because it is not too heavy and absorbs well to hydrate my eyes. The serum I would say is pretty decent too. 
This duo actually is not too bad but with the little slack with the roller ball, the wand that picks up more cream and just that much of lightening my dark circles, I  wouldn't want to pay RM75.00 again. 

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  1. Lovely product!!

  2. I am beginning to develop more prominent lines around my eyes...will give this a check...sounds good to have a 2 in 1.

  3. hey, this seems to be a good buy. nice post.

  4. darn, i need some eye serum that can reduce my dark eye circles as well :(

  5. Wow,it seems really good!Thanks for sharing!I'm always on the lookout for a good Skinlastin.

  6. i think its good product for light circles


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