Saturday, March 23, 2013

Au Bon Pain - MBK Mall (Bangkok, Thailand)

(Image credit:  The Bangkok Shopping Guide)

I came back to Pathumwan Princess hotel after my tour to Ayutthaya.  4pm was still early for me to lock myself in the hotel room. I wanted to maximize my time, therefore I went back to the tour office, situated on the ground floor of the hotel.  By now, most of the staff already knew me very well. I enquired on what else I can do in Bangkok and the staff suggested that I can go for the cabaret show, later in the evening. I paid for the show which was inclusive of the transport to take me there. 

My transport was arranged at 7.30pm.  The staff suggested that I get a quick bite to fill up my tummy. It was so convenient to look for food because I just had to walk to the adjourning MBK mall (my previous review on. Santa's Fast Food). I didn't want anything very filling. When I noticed Au Bon Pain, a small coffee and snack outlet, I straight away decided to pack some food to be eaten in my room. I pointed to the almond crushed sweet croissant and also ordered the ham wholemeal sandwich.  While I was getting ready to snap pictures, one of the young girl staff behind the counter started raising her voice, cautioning me not to take pictures.  She continuously went on like an unruly parrot.  Although I felt like asking her why, I sort of knew that she can get aggressive because her voice drew the attention of the rest of  the customers in the outlet. 

I shut off my camera, paid Bhatt20.50 and returned to my room. I had a shower and while on my laptop, I opened the wrapper from the sandwich and took a few bites.
Well, for a person who don't enjoy sandwiches, I was impressed with the taste. That being due to the fresh salad leaves, tomato slices and the drench of thousand island, yellow mustard and chili sauce. 
Next I pinched into the almond croissant and again, it was tasteful, fluffy with enough balance of sweetness.
The few pinches were enough and I wrapped back the balance to be eaten when I come back later in the night. The clock ticked and at about 7.20pm, I went down to the lobby and waited for my transport.  The amazing experience of sitting through the cabaret show will be shared with all of you soon. 

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  1. Lovely mall in Bangkok!!

  2. U stayed in Pathumwan Princess? Did u see a lot of S'poreans? Stayed there once & love it!

  3. simple food but tasty yummy ms.nava k!! :)

  4. Quite a few places these days disallows photos...I wonder why? But most times I argue I am only taking a picture of my food...not the outlet. And that nicely quieten them...


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