Saturday, March 23, 2013

Au Bon Pain - MBK Mall (Bangkok, Thailand)

(Image credit:  The Bangkok Shopping Guide)

Returning after touring Ayutthaya (River Sun Cruise Wat Na Phramen & Wat Lokayasutharam Ayutthaya), 4pm was still way early for me to lock myself in my hotel room. So, I went back to the travel agent on the ground floor. By now, most of the staff were already akin my friends. Remember, I have been walking in and out of this travel agent (Madam Tussauds)? That's right everyone. This time, again, I had the same question. What else is there for me in Bangkok? They suggested I have some fun at Calypso Cabaret Show, later at about 7.30pm. They also suggested, if I want to, I can call for a cab and go on my own. I said no. No. I wanted transport to be included, I paid for transport, as well for entrance ticket. Thank you to the staff again for asking me to fill up my tummy. Otherwise, hunger is gonna kill me during the show. Alright. So, I walked to the adjourning MBK Mall (Santa's Fast Food) and to the second floor. I didn't want a full blown meal, I wanted to pack something I can eat in the room. Au Bon Pain. Time for some pastry, for the first time ever in Bangkok.

I ordered and then I started with clicking some pictures. Oh, seemingly I offended the staff behind the counter. She was darn angry. She told me off angrily (Central Food Mall - Pattaya & Bang Pa-In Palace Ayutthaya). Aha! So, Thailand is not a photo friendly country, Thais also do bully you (Pattaya Beach)?  Anyway, being in a foreign land on my own, I didn't dare question. I paid for Almond Sweet Croissant and Ham Wholemeal Sandwich (Bhatt 20.50), thereafter, returned to my room. After showering and while on my laptop, I nibbled into these two items. 
For someone like me who don't really fancy sandwiches, I was impressed. Ham, fresh salad leaves, and tomato slices tucked into two slices of wholemeal bread, drizzled atop with thousand island, yellow mustard and chili sauce, Ham Wholemeal did conquer my happiness. It did. I eat half, I wrapped the balance and kept it aside. Maybe the balance can be my meal again later after I return from the show? 
Next I pinched into almond croissant. Fluffy croissant, atop with crispy flaky almond pieces and not overly sweet, almond croissant was not a let down, though wasn't one of the best among the rest. Decent. I liked it. Half a portion into my tummy again, the balance kept aside.  
Clock ticked, at about 7.20pm, I went down to the lobby and awaited my transport.

Up next - Calypso Cabaret Show.

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  1. Lovely mall in Bangkok!!

  2. U stayed in Pathumwan Princess? Did u see a lot of S'poreans? Stayed there once & love it!

  3. simple food but tasty yummy ms.nava k!! :)

  4. Quite a few places these days disallows photos...I wonder why? But most times I argue I am only taking a picture of my food...not the outlet. And that nicely quieten them...


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