Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Restoran Loon Sing - Nilai (Negeri Sembilan)

Over the years, a Chinese New Year reunion dinner has become customary. But such a dinner is now way earlier because like us, many prefer to dine at restaurants instead of cooking at home. Here at Loon Sing which was previously a smaller eatery, also, somewhere close by and now at this spacious convention center. With almost 100 over people at this dinner, food was already pre-booked and the dining area already nicely set up with tables lined with red clothes and the utensils arranged alongside with plates of spicy dips, vinaigrette chillies, chopped garlic, soy sauce and peanuts for munching before the start to the dishes. 

Dinner started with the customary Yee Sang, a dish to be tossed as high up as possible with chopstick while mixing the salmon pieces, colorful assorted vegetables, fruits, crackers, varieties of condiments and sauces. Spicy, sweet and crunchy, this dish is for the start of prosperity for the whole year.  

The next dish was the Ginseng Chicken soup, per bowl each and with succulent chicken steamed with Chinese herbs for the subtle nutritious flavours. For my other half who is chicken free, it was the thick fish soup which tasted quite right.  

At this point, the environment liven up as booze was free flowing and there started the karaoke singing. While the singing was in full swing, arrived the roasted pork with Mantou buns. For this dish, the cooked with soy sauce and essential Chinese ingredients pork is placed in between the buns and eaten. It is quite filling, so I preferred to tuck into a few pieces of succulent pork just like that. 

The next dish was the usual always for Chinese dinner - the vegetable platter consisting of mushrooms, broccoli and flat tofu pieces in thick brown sauce for the fiber healthiness. 
Thereafter we tucked into the Pan Fried Prawns - fresh crispy prawns stir fried with chillies, garlic and spring onion. Nice for nibbling but just one or two pieces will keep you happy. 
The last three dishes were the steamed fish in soy sauce and garnished with julienne spring onion, glutinous rice with mushrooms and lap cheong and dessert, thick pumpkin sago with coconut milk. The fish dish was quite a sensation for its subtle yet inviting taste, the rice dish to fill up the tummy and the dessert was quite a lovely closing. 
Dinner came to a close and so did the singing. Loon Sing I know we will return again the next year.   

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  1. Wah,,that's kinda early for reunion dinner! I wanna join u so I can have few more rounds nearer d date!

  2. i for one think food should always have meaning, so i love this!
    the pic of all the chopsticks diving in is awesome! what a feast for my eyes, i wish it could be for my mouth as well!

  3. Looks like a delicious meal, Nava. It is always fun to enjoy food in group.

  4. Wow Nave, what a wonderful dinner...everything looks delicious.
    Hope you are enjoying your week!

  5. Mantou and roast pork...lovely pairing!

    I agree that many restaurants are beginning to learn that diners now prefer something less sweet and healthier. Its flavour more than sweetness that matters.

  6. Everything looks delicious, Nava! No wonder you love celebrating your CNY reunion dinner there!

  7. Im drooling for the yee sang and soup now!! ms.nava!! give me some :D may i?? hehehehe

  8. im chinese but i didnt go for lou sang lo T.T


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