Monday, February 18, 2013

Quan Ngon 138 Vietnamese Restaurant - Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

The Golden Dragon Water Puppet Show fired me up for the wrong reasons. Boredom or boring after the first 15 minutes but I just couldn't escape. The escape came only after the show at this restaurant for our hunger throne. Rustic ambiance, all the way from the ground floor till the first floor where we set, Quan Ngon 138 Vietnamese Restaurant is truly stunning with its yellow slightly dimmed lights which contrasted well with its wall deco and fittings.
Good that we were the only group because service was on roller blades. We sat and within 10 minutes, everyone loosened up by interacting, as well as passing around the dishes to each other while commenting about the deliciousness. We had lots of salads that almost dangled out of the plates, and also chilli dips, fried rolls, steamed rolls, oysters, chilli fish, crispy fried omelette stuffed with bean sprouts and mushrooms. Additionally, two types of noodle dishes whereas I couldn't really figure out the rest of the dishes. All of these were really delicious. Fresh and crunchy veggies, crispy fried rolls and tongue blistering spicy dips. Awesome!! Maybe because its our first Vietnamese meal, there was so much excitement. I had high praises too. Never ever have I eaten so much of raw salad for a single meal.  

To end this dinner with a sweet note, each of us had the chilled coconut milk with black jelly and pandan coated chestnuts. Nice.  
Stuffed up to the maximum, we struggled on our way out of the restaurant while noticing mostly Westerners standing around to pack back food. 
After dinner, we left and arrive at the hotel. A short briefing by the guide at the reception about breakfast and departure time for the next day before shutting the night away.

Up next: War Remnants Museum.

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  1. sure will drop by this place if am there. Service seems good and the food too from your photos

  2. Vietnamese spring roll is certainly a must-have during dining in a Viet restaurants. Somehow I prefer the fried ones as I love the cripsy crunch.

  3. I'm sure your experience in this restaurant made your trip to Ho Chi Minh even more wonderful and memorable!

  4. OH NO ms.nava so many foods!!! the fish just makes my saliva running out now :D

  5. The food looks sensational my friend, so many choices :D
    Love vietnamese!


  6. i love vietnamese :) there is one at the top floor of KLCC, very delicious too!

    Latest: Dine in the Garden

  7. Yum! They all look delicious...what a great experience Nava :)
    Enjoy the rest of your week!


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