Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kings Park - Perth (Western Australia)

A lovely morning start at Mandurah, quite exciting to see the dolphins flipping up and down in the water, lunching with fish and chips and back to the harbour. Later we came over to Kings Park - a popular visitor destination located in Western Australia. Packed with lots of people on this Saturday, seemingly the parking scene is similar to what we go through in Malaysia as well.

As I walked into the 1,003 acre compound, I couldn't help but disagree with my Malaysian friends who described Kings Park as a boring place. How wrong they were. I certainly don't agree. Perhaps enjoying nature is not their cup of tea or either that they don't like to walk. Whichever and whatever, I loved this place so much. Such a beauty Kings Park is, where you can picnic, just lazily veg on the grass, get lovey-dovey with your loved ones or just stare far out to unwind, Also, since the atmosphere has been set for couples to tie the knot, obviously Kings Park must be a popular ground for weddings prior to posing and taking pictures. Besides the immaculate lawns, huge trees and natural bushland, there are a couple of significant historical buildings, including the State War Memorial. constructed in 1928 and completed on 24th November, 1929. Standing right atop there, I bet you will be mesmerised with the broad spectrum of  Perth city, overlooking the Swan River and Darling Range.

For the next two hours, we walked, we talked, we enjoyed the view and on our way out, we glanced at the Queen Victoria's statue and left Kings Park with great memories.

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  1. awhhh ms.nava you're so lucky that you can travel alot!! i wish i have a life like that :D australia is definately a beautiful place and a must vsit..

  2. I like the way you write travelogue, making the readers to want to go.

  3. wondering is that a wishing well :)

    Have read so manysetting of this park in story books. certainly good to view it from your eyes

  4. Wow, that's really beautiful! I've always wanted to go to Australia. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  5. King park is popular is popular visitor destination with unique parkland for all to enjoy. It is very good place for picnics, pleasant walks, cultural and ceremonial events.

  6. What a wonderful visit my friend, I did not know you had been to Australia before :D

    Choc Chip Uru


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