Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ikan Masin & Nenas Masak Lemak (Salt Fish & Pineapple In Coconut Gravy)

Masak lemak is typically the typical Malay (Ikan Assam Pedas, Ayam Goreng Berempah Petai Prawn Sambal) version of Indian sodhi. Both absolutely showcases coconut milk (Nasi Lemak Prawn Sambal Coconut Grapefruit Jelly), but there are some variances for the other ingredients. Sodhi made alongside tomato, onion, fenugreek seeds and curry leaves is a vegetarian dish. Whereas as far as I know, masak lemak generally is made with with salted fish (Salted Fish Mango Sambal) or fresh fish, pineapple (Pineapple Salted Fish Curry & Pineapple Bread Pudding) other types of veggies (Assam Laksa, Nasi Dagang & Laksam Noodles), belacan/shrimp paste and lemongrass. Really, there's no right or wrong on the ingredients (Prawn Mango Curry, Mango Cucumber Salad & Ayam Masak Merah) because I made my version, still, this Ikan Masin Nenas Masak Lemak is the diva for its spicy, sweet, salty and creamy tastes.

500g salted fish - soak to remove excess salt.  Drain off water and keep aside.
1 small pineapple - remove skin and eyes, cut into chunks
1 cup thick coconut milk
Salt to taste (taste before adding)

4-5 green birds’eye chillies (can replace with green chillies)
1 medium size red onion
4 garlic
1/2 inch roasted belacan/shrimp paste
1 lemongrass

Add salted fish, pineapple, grounded ingredients and 2 cups of water into a pot.
Simmer till salted fish and pineapple are cooked. 
Pour in coconut milk.
Season with salt. 
Simmer to heat through before removing from heat. .
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  1. This should awesome combo sweet pineapple and salted fish what a balance.

  2. This is so unique, Nava! Never knew salted fish can be cooked this way.

  3. Looks different & delicious... :-)

  4. I have some good salted fish in the fridge and lots of pineapple since it idea why is everyone gifting pineapple this year. LOL.

    Will certainly be making this for the weekend!

  5. so long never eat this...I am so miss this awesome dishes with hot rice.

  6. Do much tropical deliciousness here :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Not sure about salted fish but any fish with pineapple in coconut gravy sounds delicious.

  8. So interesting this recipe with pineapple and coconut...I never had it this way...although back in Brazil it is very common to cook fish and seafood with coconut milk.
    Hope you are enjoying your week Nava :)

  9. I never thought there could be another way to cook salted fish aside from frying or grilling. This sounds interesting, Nava...and looks very appetizing too!
    Btw, Happy Valentine's Day to you and your better half!

  10. I have never try such a dish before!

  11. Wow!This is very tasty,i'll need to tambah nasi.

  12. I will love to try this if I find all the ingredients it look so delicious.

  13. Nice comination of salted fish and pineapple. Havent tried till now. Tropical touch and coconut milk looks exotic. Will try it tommorrow. The creamy color is making me drool

  14. Lovely color and beautiful dish. Love it. Yum Yum :)


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