Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater - Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Golden Dragon Water Puppet was the first itinerary for the day once we checked into Liberty Hotel and then approximately two hours for some shopping in Ban Thanh Market. Arriving alongside the bus loads of other foreign tourists, we waited at the entrance for the guide to sort out our the tickets. Thereafter into the theatre, sit where ever you like. I sat next to the Indian couple I have just met, they were from my same tour group. In fact, these were the first two people I made friends. Indeed, we chatted for maybe 5 minutes, prior to curtains drawing up, simultaneously, lights going off for the start of this Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater. One which I was told is generally included for people like me who travel in tour groups.    

Started off, lets say interestingly for the first maybe 10 minutes, loud gong music and narrated in Vietnamese language, to tell you the truth, I didn't really know what was going on. Of course, water puppet skills must be applauded, other than that, nothing was really interesting. Just the same thing over and over again for one hour, I truly wished I could have walked out. Boring like hell. Really, I was really getting restless, if not because of the darkness while show was going on, honestly, I would have quietly walked out. But strangely, wonder why, the Caucasians were clapping and cheering. Why? Something wrong with me or them? I couldn't comprehend. 

So, instead of watching the show, I kept looking at the Caucasian while still trying to figure out whats with the excitement. Finally, when show ended, I joined the rest in honoring the people who put effort and their underwater puppet skills to good use in entertaining the tourists. I think I was the first to walk out, we then journeyed a short distance for dinner. I am not sure if I should recommend Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater to you, perhaps, who knows, you may enjoy it. I definitely didn't. 

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  1. am now really interested to pay Vietnam a visit. was at a CNY open house of a Vietnamese...the way she tell about Vietnam was so interesting. Now with your photos...hmm...looks like I really have to look into it




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