Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater - Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Officially this water puppet show was the first itinerary for the day once we checked into Liberty Hotel and then around two hours at Ban Thanh Market. Arriving together with bus loads of other foreign tourists, we waited at the entrance for the guide to sort our the tickets, thereafter into the theatre to grab the nearest seat. I sat close to the Indian couple from the same tour, in fact the first two people I made friends. We chatted for around 5 minutes, the lights went off and all eyes were glued to the stage.   

This artistic show was interesting for the first 15 minutes, later I had enough of the loud music. Made worst because except for watching, I couldn't understand the story plot in their local language, though pamphlets were handed out at the entrance. Then again while the show is going on in the darkness, reading was out of the question. 

Anyway, I hanged on until the show was over and immediately out of the theatre, and next a short drive to a nearby restaurant for dinner.   

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  1. am now really interested to pay Vietnam a visit. was at a CNY open house of a Vietnamese...the way she tell about Vietnam was so interesting. Now with your photos...hmm...looks like I really have to look into it




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