Friday, February 1, 2013

Egg Cheesy Buns With Yogurt Salad

How nice! The weekend is knocking for the comfort of sleeping in late instead of the 5 days routine of waking up before dawn and rushing to work. But that does not mean I have nothing to do. House work as usual still there and cooking, depends on whether we have functions or we prefer to meal at hawkers stalls. So far, yet an invitation or family gathering, so, it should be back to rolling the pots and pans, always for lunch and dinner meals whereas breakfast has never been a priority. However, on this Saturday, it was a different story. Energetically I woke up and made this simple start for the meal - buns baked with eggs and cheese, paired with a raw salad. Surely a big achievement until my other half couldn't believe his eyes he actually woke up to breakfast.  

Ingredients (as needed)
Grated cheese 
Yoghurt or mayonnaise
Veggies - cabbage,zucchini,onion, green chilli and spring onions - all chopped/shredded/sliced thinly
Salt and pepper for taste. 
Cut bun into two pieces. 
Gently pull out the bread or use a spoon to hollow out the bottom piece of the bun.  
Gently break an egg into the hallowed centre.
For the other piece of the bun, sprinkle some cheese on top.
Place both pieces on a greased/non stick tray.
Bake at 170C till how runny you prefer the egg to be and for a crusty outer layer of the buns.  
Once done, remove from oven.
For the salad, toss all the ingredients together.  
Serve with baked buns. 
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  1. wow, you made that yourself? Its not easy as the egg might spill out easily.

  2. WOW very tempting,egg n cheese my fav combo...

  3. I would indulge in this :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. These egg buns look filling & I could pop them all into my mouth in no time. Lovely bakes, Nava!

  5. I am just about to make our Sunday breakfast.Eggs are always first choice. I like the way you served eggs in buns. Nava, my daughter does not like jiggly eggs. Can I fully cook them in buns?

  6. Hi Bal,

    You can try on the stove, just do it over low heat and if possible on a non-stick pan.

  7. What a breakfast, what a brunch, truly creative, healthy and delicious

  8. Yummy & Delicious breakfast..............


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