Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tomoe Japanese Restaurant - Subang Jaya (Revisited)

Its been almost two years since we dined at TomoeNot because we don't like the food at this high end Japanese restaurant. But just that its quite pricey and as a food blogger, I have been trying out other restaurants within Shah Alam and Subang Jaya as well(Restaurant Syed Kadir, Restaurant Sukumaran, Restoran Dragon Star, Bubba Gump. Lorong Seratus Tahun, Victoria Station, Pak Hailam, Spicy Crab Portuguese, Nyonya Colours. El Toro Butchery and Di Wei Chinese Restaurant).  

Tomoe has made a mark among the locals and Japanese expatiates and tourists for its comfortable cosy ambiance, fresh air flown Japanese ingredients, excellent customer service and without worrying about parking at the narrow road facing Subang Jaya Medical Centre. Once you arrive at the restaurant, hand over your car keys to the jockey, walk in and you will be loudly greeted by the Japanese staff. They then will usher you to the upstairs dining area where you can choose to sit at the private dining rooms, at the bar or the open area across right in front. Since we weren't fussy, the open area seemed fine. Next was the usual - picking the items from the menu. We ordered Sashimi Mori Zen, Tempura Moriawase. Seafood Fried Rice and Garlic Tofu Steak. For drinks my other half settled for Asahi beer while mine was Unne Shu (Japanese Plum Wine). I also included the  Mocha Ice-Cream for dessert. 

As we sipped the drinks, we were gestured to the salad bar at the corner. Complimentary for all customers. I walked up to the see and came back without taking anything. Well, since we have ordered ample dishes, I didn't want to fill up my tummy with an ordinary salad.  

Dinner started off with the platter of fresh raw varieties of fish. 
Each tender piece dipped into the wasabi mixed with soy sauce. As said earlier, fresh as ever for the melting moment in the mouth.  
Meanwhile we also tucked into the crispy fried tempura  - seafood and veggies coated with a light-airy batter and fried for the crunch and munch, served with a watery sauce based sauce. 
Certainly perfectly delicious without the feeling of stuffing the tummy with heavy food. 
The next dish was the seafood fried rice. Tasty I would say but without any promising and impressive flavours. Its rice fried with eggs, chopped prawns, fish and squids and topped with spring onion. Sort of fell flat yet filling. However my other quite liked the plain taste as every bit sunk into his tummy. 
Our meal continued with garlic tofu steak. Brown soft tofu drenched in thick soy sauce. Garnished with fried garlic, seaweed and spring onion. The fried garlic definitely embedded well for the fragrance and uncomplicated pleasing taste. Still we struggled to finish it off until half the portion was left untouched. 
The mocha ice-cream with red bean was truly divine for its original natural flavours. I love it so much and with such a small serving, how can one not polish it off.   
We paid RM257.00 and walked out with utmost satisfaction.  

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  1. heard someone recommending this place the other day

  2. good reminder! not bene to tomoe for quite some time.

  3. Japanese food!! Yummy! Just back from Tokyo, but makes me wanna book a tix & fly there again!

  4. Another exciting food venture, now, makes one
    want to go for Japanese food and the works, Asahi beer, mmm... that's one long smooth drink, another sparkling visual feast as well of excellent photography

  5. What a yummy exotic eatery :D

    Choc Chip Uru


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