Sunday, January 27, 2013

StarHut Cafe - Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

After lunching at Double One Bistro and Pub and done with the meeting, the next stop was at Nilai. Here, again some important documentations at the client and before returning home, to rest our legs and to chill over maybe some food and drinks, among the couple of eateries within this area in Nilai (Restaurant Al-Salam), StarHut Cafe seemed the inviting one for it rustic decor, spacious and corner lot dining area. Being the only customers at about 3.30pm, service was prompt and from the menu featuring mostly Malaysian and some Western dishes, we ordered Hot Milo, Ice Jasmine Lemon Tea, orange yoghurt blended and egg sandwich. 
The Hot Milo pretty much a hot beverage whereas the Ice Jasmine Lemon Tea was good to thirst quench especially on this hot day. Similarly, the slushy drink supposedly made with fresh oranges  and yoghurt I wouldn't complain because it was not overly sweet and definitely had some fresh orange burst. 

The egg sandwich however was a little let down. The egg filling was cold, as though made and kept in the fridge and filled in the buttered bread slices and topped with shredded cabbage. I would have also appreciated if the bread was toasted instead of just removing the crust. 
Anywhere, without fussing, the three of us had a little portion of the sandwich and settling the bill for RM17.00, we left for the one hour drive back home. Should I return again to Nilai, perhaps trying the noodles dishes or nasi lemak may be the better option. 
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  1. Price quite normal for a place with a cafe name on it and some more got a Star infront,unlike the nice nasi dagang i had this morning at a stall at Tanjung Api in Kuantan which cost me only RM 2 plus another RM 1 for a teh tarik.

  2. i love the bread ms.nava some more with cabbage toppings and egg yummy!! i can smell it here hehehe

  3. A delicious looking cafe with a great selection :D


  4. I loved the menu...I would have gone for the Nasi Lemak. Really good to know that you mentioned those points as well which you didn't like. Thanks!


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