Sunday, January 20, 2013

St Paul's Church - Malacca, Malaysia

I walked towards St Paul's Hill in the scorching weather from Melaka Sultanate Palace and among the many who throne Malacca during this school holiday, I climbed the steep stairs. Honestly, I really didn't know where I was heading except blindly following the others till up on the hill, overlooking the city and coastline of Malacca.   

Once you are atop the hill, you will see the ruins of the 500 year old St Paul's Church - built as a chapel by the Portuguese Captain Duarte Coelho in 1521 as gratitude to Virgin Mary for saving his life during a storm at sea. Renamed as St. Paul's Church by the Dutch, the chapel has been turned into a burial ground and St Francis Xavier, a missionary who visited Malacca continuously was buried here in 1553 before his body was moved to Goa, India. His ancient tomb still remains in the ruins whereas his statue with the missing right arm is in front of the compound.  

Noted in the church is the Portuguese influences during the 15th Century in Malacca and on the walls you will see the beautiful tomb stones, written in Armenian and Dutch from the 16th century. 

Absolutely a great experience of seeing the beautiful sanctuary which has been in ruins for more than 150 years, I then returned to the Philea before bidding bye-bye to this short holiday.  Overall, I had a great time after arriving at Philea resort (Part 1 & Part 2) - rather far from the city but offers the tranquil nature surrounding, their meals were not all the best and can be noisy when there are groups of people partying at night. The Tanjung Wellness Spa was a flop whereas the sightseeing places I visited were -
Jonker walk

Food is another you should venture when in Malacca (Bess Kopitam, Bistro Year 1673 and Eleven Bistro) but be prepared for heavy traffic during the weekends and peak season.  

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  1. I have not visit this place before
    Next time shall plan this when I visit malacca

  2. Such a beautiful historical monument :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. I like your features on places. Love to visit one day.

  4. Ya the steps to the hill was pretty steep. Walked up last year. Really "semput" from the walking. Am getting too old :p

    Looking forward to your next post

  5. I went there the last trip!! I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't got the energy to climb up :< The view is fantastic, dear!

  6. I have some photos of my day trip around town with my sons but haven't posted any yet,it sure is one nostalgic walk and by the way nice shots.

  7. I found a b/w photo of my mum and dad posing in front of the statue with its palm still intact,probably in the late 50ies.

  8. I visited Malaysia but missed visiting this beautiful church. Great post my dear. I have added this in my must visit places. :)


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