Monday, January 14, 2013

Mandurah Ferry Cruises - (Mandurah WA, Australia)

First day of sightseeing on this first weekend in Perth (Day 1 and Day 2), thanks to our Curtin University counterparts for taking the trouble to organising this Saturday outing. A breather I badly needed, can you imagine a whole day of training, from 9 to 5 for the last 3 days which literally dried up my whats left of it brain. Sincerely appreciated. Otherwise, I would have been dysfunctional. Transported from Miss Maud Hotel, we arrived at Mandurah Ferry Cruises, prior to leisurely walking around within this large nature surrounding. Eateries, retail outlets and some supposedly meaningful artistic structures we just glimpsed at, thereafter, when everyone arrived, we hopped into the boat to begin this one hour "Dolphin And Scenic Canal/Lunch Cruise.  

Absolutely a wonderful late morning start, we cruised, and for the first 15 minutes, there was no sight of dolphins. Meanwhile we tucked into the fresh crispy batter coated fish and big batons of fried chips, sipped into the soft drinks, continued chatting, simultaneously peeped out of the boat for admiring the tranquil heart touching scenery. Water is always mind and soul touching, for whatever reason, for me at least. But, dolphins were no where to be seen. Oh! I sincerely hoped they will. So, I patiently waited. 

From the lower deck, I then walked to the upper, hoping I will get a better view of the dolphins should they pop and dance in the water. Nothing, for the next 10 minutes, though I kept staring deep down into the water. Then tadaa! They did emerge, Dolphins jumped and flipped so close to the boat. Utterly marvelous. I grind, the lady beside me and her little daughter grinned as well, we felt so happy.

 At least 10 minutes of dolphin joy, they disappeared, I continued standing at the upper deck and boat made a turn back in front of the canal houses where the rich Australian resides, to return back to where we started. Rich Australians mind you. I was also told that these canal houses cost a bomb. Good for the rich. Let them enjoy their luxurious boat and modern trendy big houses. I am happy in my tiny home.

Next change - Kings Park.

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  1. Nothing more enjoyable than a calming, peaceful cruise, get to see and experience both land and water and have time to daydream and mull things. That 6th photo reminds me of the Taiping Lake Gardens way back in the past. Harks back to the good 'ole days minus the hustle and bustle.

  2. So beautiful. The water so clear over there. can even see the stone the bird standing on

  3. I love cruises...not many cruises available in malaysia for day trips.


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