Monday, January 7, 2013

Dragon Seafood Chinese Restaurant (James Street, Northbridge) - Perth, Australia

The story on the third day the same as the second day (Poppo Korean Restaurant). Training till 5pm and back to Ms Maud hotel.  Dinner however another interesting story with walking all the way to Northbridge. Not easy deciding where to dine though eventually agreed upon steamboat at this restaurant - eat all you want @AUS50.00. Cheap not cheap and suppose an expensive way of testing if the meal can be as good as it gets Malaysian steamboat.

Steamboat here is about the same thing - walk, see, pick, return to the table, put in the broth, cook and eat with the different types of dips. Desserts and soft drinks included as well.

So we took our time, ate and chatted while the two friends didn't mind paying for two bottles of beer. The steamboat we concluded was decent yet no way can be ranked 5/5. Just a decent meal but seem very popular mostly with the local Asians.  
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  1. ooo it is a buffet style of steamboat..
    those food are very fresh and nice...

  2. I think I will stick to Chinese food in Malaysia and when in Australia - Vietnamese!


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