Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ben Thanh Market - Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

Within 20 minutes of walking from Liberty Central Hotel, I arrived at this famous for all sort of things market while passing by rows and rows of shops lined on both sides of the street. Since I had just arrived at Ho Chi Minh city and that I was alone, I didn't dare venture very far inside of Ben Thanh Market. Just around the closely tight narrow lanes, shopping was really on my mind though. Still, I kept my options open just in case I notice something nice.  

Pretty much like the markets in Malaysia,  you name it, you can buy the local produce and bargaining I was told by the guide is a must.

For a moment or two, I stopped in front of the stall selling slippers and at that juncture, the sweet young thing trader wouldn't let me go. She persisted, I felt sorry for her, we spoke and she sure spoke smothering English. Between the various types of slippers of different colours and designs, I opted for two pair, and I bargained. In the end, we agreed at RM60.00 and by now we became friends, a photo was a must.  

That was fun but not at the food stall where I wanted to get something to nibble. Almost turning to a ugly scene because I couldn't decided, the trader seemed very angry. Instead of standing around, I quickly walked back to the hotel. 
Up next: Golden dragon water puppet. 

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  1. Looks like you had fun time in vietnam. Love the hand made slippers.

  2. OOhh...looking forward for more on Vietnam posts.

  3. I heard a lot of bad comment on Vietnam and it's people,$$$ wise.


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